The Couch

I walked until the tears had dried. I had no destination. I just walked, the street lamps lit the streets. Cars were still passing by at perilous speeds. People hurried along their paths never looking at you. No one caring what I was going through anymore than I cared about them.

I stopped at a coffee shop that was still open and bought a cup of black coffee and sat down at a table so I could easily send a few texts.

The first one went to Dev.

_I didn’t yell. But Sage gave me an ultimatium. It’s over. _

I sent another while I was thinking about it.

Watch the boys while I’m gone. Gonna attempt to call them through Sage.

I didn’t expect any responses. Dev was likely dealing with Dee and possible Sage, if he wasn’t sleeping. My breath caught as I thought of the lack of my mysterious blue-eyed boy’s arms around me while I slept. What the fuck was I doing? A small voice inside me was telling me, I was doing the right thing, but I felt like shit doing it.

I sent Sage a text

Drake heard it all. He’s in bed now. I will call him and the boys later. I’ll text you first.

I stared at the text for what felt like forever waiting for Sage to respond. But I gave up when my coffee ran dry. One final text to send. I sighed as I opened up Ant’s contact.

I’m in. But I need a place to crash.

From Ant: Shit! Come on over. Same floor, third door on the right.

I didn’t care what time it was as I made my way to the Night Life building and the vampire lairs above it. You’d think they’d all hide in the basement. Without large windows like they did here. But Cari had spent millions of dollars researching windows that kept vampires safe. It really was impressive.

I knocked on the door but Ant was opening it before I got through the first tap. He smiled and ushered a girl out the door. She was smiling and he was wiping blood from the corner of his mouth. “Thanks Beth. Same time next week?”

She only nodded.

I sighed, “You didn’t have to kick out your dinner.”

“She was leaving anyway. Beth comes and goes.” The way he said comes I knew exactly what he meant.

“Leaves ya hanging eh?” I grinned as he let me inside his apartment which was very different from his mother’s living room. He had the modern look throughout the apartment. The couch was leather and looked like you’d sink to the floor it was so puffy.

Ant chuckled. “You could say that. It’s a simple price to pay for food. You look like shit.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m sure I feel worse than I look. Can I crash here?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I’d offer sharing the bed, but I’m confident you’ll say no.”

“Your gut is correct.” I said and sat down on the couch. “I’ll need to go shopping for a few things in the morning and I’ll be ready to leave when you wake with the night.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Ant asked.

I kicked off my shoes. “Not really. It boils down to Sage ending it for helping you.”

“Jesus, Nox. I can handle this without you. Don’t fuck up your life for me.”

I sighed. “Is my helping you going to help stop a war between vampires?” I asked.

“Shit yeah, if you can do your magic then yeah, we can probably stop a war with minimal casualties…”

I interertupted Ant, “Then I have to do this. How is it that a three year old understands that saving lives is what I do and the man I thought loved me can’t see it.”

“What about Dee and Dev?”

I sighed. “Dev told me to help you and help myself while I’m at it. Basically figure out what I need to be happy. And Dee well she’s pissed at me cause I came to talk to you in the first place. So I imagine she’s on board the Sage train leaving exit Nox for good.”

“Shit, man. I’ll let you sleep.” Ant said as he walked out the door of his apartment to do whatever it is he did during the night.

I curled up on the couch sans blankets and drifted off to sleep. I wished for dreamless sleep, but I knew that barren tree waited me.

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