Stupid Bear



4 minutes

I got little to no sleep worrying about Sage and Dee. I was glad things were okay with Dev, but I was royally fucking up the other relationships in my life. So when night fell and Ant was knocking on my door I didn’t want to get out of bed, and Ant was kind enough to tell me I looked like shit.

“But thankfully Aurora won’t care. She’s happily married.” Ant grinned.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked.

Ryan groaned. “His grandfather and Aurora are closer than friends and all parties know about it.”

I smiled, “So a relationship like I have.”

Ant frowned. “You are fucking your’s up.”

I sighed. “Only for you.” I said as I walked past him.

He caught my arm and frowned. “I’m sorry.”

I shrugged. “You aren’t wrong.”

“But you are.” Ant said, “You’d be doing this if Adrian Sheridan or Olmos asked. You’d do it if the Dragons did. Don’t kid yourself.”

“I know that. But I’d like to think that anyone other than you or Adrian I could say no to.” I sighed. “Don’t rob me of my dellusions.”

I kept walking and grabbed a bit to eat as we walked out the door. Was just an apple and a bottle of water, but it was more than I’d had all day. I walked into the shadowed room that was kept under lock and key and was barred with magic so no one accidentally walked into their strong hold. We had quite the entorage coming with us. There was me, Ryan and Ant, and with us Victor, Isabel and a big blond man who could break me in half if he were human but he was all werebear.

I offered the new man my hand. “Nox.”

He growled. “I know who you are.” He looked at my hand.

“I don’t bite.” I grinned.

He looked back up to my eyes and back to my hand. “How is it you are him?”

“Him?” I asked.

“The prophecized one, the leader among leaders, etc, etc. You’re a fairy.”

Ant bit back a laugh and Ryan took Isabel’s hand and pulled her as far from me as he could manage. I smirked, “You expecting a fight, Ry?”

He laughed. “No, Nox. I’m expecting something far more dangerous.”

The big man looked back at Ryan in confusion. “He’s hardly dangerous.”

Ant sighed. “Don’t hurt him too much.”

I shrugged. “I’m not going to hurt him at all.”

“Because you can’t.”

I let the smirk slide into a non-chalant grin and I wiggled my fingers and flames flickered from the tips. Electricity sparked between my fingers, and the wind in the room picked up. The air grew thick with water and I pushed fire into it and it felt like a sauna. I didn’t let the chaos go. I could have put on a show. But this wasn’t about bragging, it was a display of power and control. “Look. “I sighed, “Wait I didn’t catch your name.”

Vincent grinned at me with fangs and everything. “This lummox is Ged.”

I smirked. “Ged.” I pushed my hand with the painted nails towards Ged and he flew back to the wall pinned by a net of air. He struggled and I smiled at him. “Look, Ged. I’m not claiming to be some all power god or leader of leaders. I’m just me. A regular guy looking to do the right thing. You don’t owe me any respect. I’d seriously appreciate it if you didn’t calle me a fairy, a fag or any of those other ugly names. While they might be true, you know nothing about me. You assume because of the painted nails and the eyeliner I’m gay. What if I told you I’ve had over a hundred conquests and 90% of of them were women who adored my cock?”

I heard Ant smirk behind me.

“What? You don’t beleive me? You want me to call my girlfriend? I could call my boyfriends? If you’d rather. Get it straight from their mouths how much their fairy boy makes them happy.” I continued. “So I’m going to let you go now. And if you don’t shake my hand fine. A pleasure to meet you.” I let the bonds go and he slumped to the floor. “We aren’t going to have any problems are we?”

There was a moment of decision in Ged’s face and I watched it play out as he pulled his fist back and tried to hit me in the face. He was quicker than I was. Faster and strong, but he was dumb. I threw up a wall of air and I didn’t bother softening it as his hand collided an inch in front of my face with it. I heard the bones shatter with a sickening pop followed by a screaming howl of pain. “Oh Ged.” I said and walked away.

“I guess he’s staying here.”

Ant laughed. “I think so. Shall we to Madrid?”

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