Off Color

Life was one fucking metaphysical bombshell after another. I was five when the first one destroyed my world. Thankfully not all of them were life destroying. But knowing that Cari thought I was some prophecized Ascendant made me a little worried. Some all knowing thing made my life this shit pool of disasters after disaster with very little happiness in it just so I could save the fucking world? I wasn’t sure I liked that at all.

Ant must have felt my mood. He put an arm around my shoulder and squeezed. “Mother says there is only one prophecy of Ascendants. They are born when the world needs them most. They will escape death three times and on the fourth rise from the ashes. But that really can mean many things. A firey building collapsing could result in a fullfilled prophecy. You escaped death, much like surviving where your sister did not.” Ant sighed. “Don’t let it bother you.”

I chortled. I nearly choked on the false humor. “Yeah dying a firey death is nothing to worry about.” I grinned at him, “No offense intended but fuck you.”

Ant laughed and Ryan as well. Vincent walked beside us shook his head. “The Ascendant is the hearld of war.”

Ant sighed. “The Ascendant is not the hearld. War is already brewing. It was before Nox was born. Nox is just a catalyst for change. He has been since his birth. Half Dragons live because he does. He questions things everyone else holds sacred. He is just change. And he hates change.”

I groaned. “Where are we going next?” I said to change the topic. I didn’t want to be some prophecized savior. I just wanted to go home.

Vincent answered. “To see Senora Toscani. She is the coven leader.”

Ant sighed. “Gemma is not far from here. The Toscani line is a friend of my parents going back a millenia or more.”

“Gemma’s many times great grandmother wed Cari and Tony in a wiccan ceremony binding their lives together in magic and love. I remember the ceremony. I was the consumation of that marriage that gave us Ant.”

“Yeah just what I wanted to know. The gorey details of Ant’s birth.” I grinned at my friend.

“We all know our parents fucked at least one brother. In Ryan’s case two since he has a sister. Me I only got me. Though Tony and Sierra have two kids. But that’s not as bad as knowing your mother and father were doing it together.”

Ryan laughed, “Dude you’ve walked in on your mother and countless lovers before. None of you fucking knock! And she on you!”

I laughed. “I remember one time… yeah, your mother is something else.”

Ant rolled his eyes. “At least with you she she didn’t wait around in the room for us to finish. She was kind enough to leave. I walked in when I was too young to understand on her and Ry. Scared me for life watching my idol get creamed by my mother. I thought they were fighting as they were prone to do.”

Ryan actually blushed. “Cari said you hadn’t seen anything.”

Ant laughed. “I still see it now when I think about it. The trauma it caused me to watch my mother on your dick.”

I glanced back at our escort. The pale vampire was bright red his blood flow coursing through the veins in his skin but it was too pale to blush properly. I nodded back to Vincent. “I think we are embarassing your friend. I thought he was a incubus.”

Vincent nodded. “I am. But that does not mean I talk about sex like it’s nothing. And sex with Il Cane or Del Figlio.” The words came out in a croak.

Ant laughed. “I guess me and my mother shouldn’t be having sex. Sexless persons of interest. How boring a life that would be.”

We continued our embarassing talk until we were a block away from the senora’s house.

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