When sleep took me I found myself in the rain under my tree alone. I fell back against the rough bark of the tree trunk and slide down ignoring the phantom pain that radiated alone my back. It was just a dream. Nothing but the memories would be real. I wouldn’t wake bleeding, or even scarred.

The rain fell in large drops almost like they were trying to drown me in their falling. Fat slow rain drops drizzled down my skin and my hair was flat and I didn’t care. My world outside was crumbling, the world inside my head was crying. I needed to wake up. I needed to fix my life but here I sat sitting in the rain waiting for something to happen.

I hung my head and closed my eyes and tried to drift like I had many times before with Dev. I didn’t seek his solace, but I needed rest and sleep. I hummed a soft tune in my head that Dev sang regularly. I didn’t know the words, didn’t matter, I thought of him and I’d find peace. But with thoughts of my rockstar filtered in thoughts of my mysterious boy and my heart started to race and the rain fell harder.

I needed to wake up but I felt trapped. I couldn’t move, my life crumbling around me and I started to panic. Darkness descended upon me and after images of my time with Morpheus flickered in my barren garden scene. They were just vestiges of memories of my past.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and I started awake flailing and falling to the floor.

“Fuck, Nox. What the hell was that?” Ant asked.

I shook my head as I sat up and leaned against the couch. “Nightmares. Nothing to worry about.”

Ant’s eyebrow raised, “The last time you were having nightmares there were demons involved.”

I shrugged. “Not those kind of demons.”

He handed me my phone. “You’re phone has been going off like crazy.”

I glanced at the time. “Sorry.” I dismissed the alarm. “I didn’t hear it.”

“Apparently.” Ant sighed, “You look worse than before.”

“Such is life. I’ll be out of your hair till dark.”

“Stay. Allison will get you whatever you need. Sleep Nox. Rest up we might not be getting much rest.”

I sighed. “Alright, were can I find Allison?”

Ant laughed, “She’ll be in at 8 am. I already told her.”

All Scenes

Getting Ready (9/12/2017)
Dev and Dee (9/13/2017)
Confessions (9/14/2017)
Falling Apart (9/15/2017)
Back Home (9/16/2017)
Under the Tree (9/17/2017)
The Day Before (9/18/2017)
Brothers (9/19/2017)
Unexpected Family (9/20/2017)
Family (9/21/2017)
Before Date Night (9/22/2017)
Lost in Thought (9/23/2017)
Dinner and Dancing (9/24/2017)
Calling Ant (9/26/2017)
Meeting Il Cane (9/27/2017)
Quid Pro Quo (9/28/2017)
Jumping In (9/29/2017)
8 seconds (9/30/2017)
He Can Wait (10/1/2017)
Straight Talk (10/2/2017)
Pissed Off (10/3/2017)
Some Understanding (10/4/2017)
The Couch (10/5/2017)
Raining (10/6/2017)
Allison Grey (10/7/2017)
Chevalier (10/8/2017)
Jack Wynn (10/9/2017)
Meddling Friends (10/10/2017)
The Boys (10/11/2017)
Italian Villa (10/12/2017)
Temptation (10/13/2017)
Sleeping it Off (10/14/2017)
Magic All Around (10/15/2017)
Prophecy (10/16/2017)
Off Color (10/17/2017)
Heritage (10/18/2017)
Fucking Magic (10/19/2017)

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