Personal Assistant

Ant I met Cari and Ryan down in the lobby of the Night Life building. They were with a small Asian woman wearing smart business like attire. I wondered who she was. I didn’t feel any magic from her so she wasn’t supernatural.

When Ant and I joined them. Ryan smiled at me. “Jin, this is Nox. Nox I’d like you to meet Jin Zao. She is aware of our situation and has been hired to handle all your personal needs.”

I raised an eyebrow and Ryan smirked. “Allison has briefed Jin on the care of the boys, your schedule and the other people in your life.”

I looked at Cari. “Did you hire me a personal assistant?”

She shook her head. “No. You did. I only had Allison find someone suitable.”

“I can’t pay her.”

Jin bowed slightly. “Sir, Ms. Giovanni has provided me all the compensation I need.”

“Which is?”

The small Asian woman blushed, her pale alabaster skin turning a lovely shade of rose. Ryan smiled at her. “Jin. I’ll let Nox know everything he needs to know. The guards upstairs have been informed of your arrival.”

“Wait.” I made to catch her arm and she evaded me with ease and took up a fighting stance. I smiled harmlessly at her. “I’m sorry. But why are you working for me?”

She smiled. “It is my honor to work for you.”

“Why?” I asked.

Jin sighed. “My brother was a victim of the demon Morpheus. My father made a deal to remove his ability. When you killed him, my brother was free. My family owes you a debt. And since my family is taken care of on their own, and you cannot pay me, I will work for free. Only requirements I have are food and shelter, which are part of the bargain.”

Ryan put his hand on my shoulder. “As long as you are tied to the Prince of New York City, he will pay for your room and board in the Night Life building. Jin will have her own place and we will pay her bills and her food and she will work for you.”


Ant frowned. “I told you he wasn’t going to like this.”

Ryan grinned at me. “Remember what I said about living up to appearances?”

I nodded. “This is one of those times.” Ryan finished.

I sighed and nodded. I gave Jin a small bow and a smile. “Make sure Drake goes to sleep and isn’t playing with the elements after lights out.”

She nodded and scurried up to the elevators.

“Her brother is what?” I asked Ryan.

“He is a dream walker.” Ryan said.

Cari continued as we walked out of the building. “Jin’s brother controlled nightmares. Morpheus used the brothers power to control the creatures that latched on to his other powerful victims like you.”

“How did you find him?” I asked.

“We didn’t. Jin’s father found us. Nick has been spreading the word through some circles about the help I gave him with his ability.”

“You found him a teacher?”

“Yes and no. Devin said he would talk with you, but I think you can get him to agree to help Jin’s brother.”

I nodded. “I’ll talk to Dev. I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing enough to teach but I’m sure we can figure something out.” We descended down into the train station but we didn’t wait in line. We hoped over the railing and went down into the subway tunnel itself. No one said anything, I expected Cari had us shadowed and no one really saw us.

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