Me Instead

My heart was in my throat the whole time up the elevator and not for the normal reason. The door dinged open and all was quiet. I felt the hum of energy even closer than before. But that was the only sound I heard, it was like a gnat buzzing in my ear. Ant’s hand was on my shoulder pulling me to a stop after we exited the elevator. He went first. He asked, “Your apartment?”

“Yes.” I said. My heart was pounding in my chest. The elements churned anxiously around me.

Ant shivered. “They are going to feel you coming a mile away.”

I laughed, it sounded shaky to me. “They knew I was coming the moment they came into my home.”

Ant opened the door and the living room was dark and empty. I let my senses drift out into the world, not just vampire magic, everything. I felt dragon, were. I felt a distinct void. I knew my boys were still alive. I knew my lovers were alright. I could feel them without thinking about it. I thought at Dev Where are you? I’m coming.

I got a mental squeeze but Dev said nothing in return, but I knew it had been him. “They aren’t in here.”

Ant nodded before he turned around and headed out the door. We checked another apartment up here, but it was empty. I could feel them as we got closer. “They are in there.” I pointed at the door.

Ant frowned, “That’s Ged’s room.”

“We found Igor’s mole.” I said flatly.

Ant opened the door and inside was dark but we could both see the vampires holding my family in front of them.

An unfamiliar voice laughed, “Is this all you bring?”

I wove a ball of light high against the ceiling and it made all the vampires wince including Ant. I’d apologize later for blinding him.

Dev was pulling away from the hands that had let him go when it shielded its eyes from the sunlight. He was the only one who was able to scrabble away before they were holding them again.

I looked at Ant and frowned. He smiled and nodded. I felt him pushing magic at me through the connection. It was not like anything I had felt before. Ant was primeval vampire, death magic was part of his gift, like his mothers, but I had thought it was weak, but what I felt wasn’t weak. I let it flow through me and then I grinned. I knew in that moment I could make all vampires in the vicinity bow before me. I used my connection to Ant and I thought that through his dark magic and I watched as the vampires all cowed before me. All bent knee. Letting everyone go. Drake was clutching at Dev’s legs and Dee and Sage were pulling Fae away. He’d fallen limp. I could hear his heart beating, he was alive.

Where was Matt?

I stretched my senses wider and found the emptiness that meant Matt was near. I followed the power through the apartment and I found Ged, a small girl with her mouth about to bit into Matt’s neck. “Stop.” I shouted. Of all of them to get bitten Matt could die. He would die, my healing didn’t work as well on him, his magic nulled mine. “Don’t bite him.”

The little girl with blond pig tails and a baby blue dress on looked up at me with red hungry eyes. Her voice was a rasping growl. “Hungry.”

“Don’t bite him please.” I held out my wrist and drew a razor of air across it. “Feed from me. I’ll feed you. Just don’t bite him. Please.” I begged.

Ant was behind me. “Nox. Don’t.”

“I promise I’ll let you feed.” I saw Matt’s pleading eyes staring back at me. He knew what it meant to be bitten by a vampire. Their venom was deadly poison to Venatori, as was therian bites. He would die. Not like Walker. He knew… He was afraid. I smiled at him. “I got you Matt. I promise.”

He nodded and froze when he felt his skin press against tiny fangs. “I know, Nox. I trust you.”

“What’s your name?” I asked the girl.

She growled at me as I took a step closer, the blood from my wrist dripping to the floor. “If you don’t feed it’ll close and I’ll have to do it again.”

The girl looked at the rivulet of blood flowing to the floor. I felt weak and knew I’d hit deep when I had sliced my wrist open. She was such a small thing, but she tossed Matt across the room like a rag doll.

Ged moved towards him but I threw a wall of air up around him but Ant was there moments before pinning the bastard bear to the wall with his blade. He wanted to kill. Ged croaked out, “She’s not to feed.”

I looked at him, “Why not? You’ll lose control?” I turned back to her. “What’s your name sweetheart?” I held my arm out to her.

In those few seconds it took me to reach her she was gorging on my arm. I felt the bite of a vampire, lust filled, the power of their bite to lure their victims deeper and she had me down on my knees. She drank and she drank. Her hunger wasn’t satisfied with my blood she pulled at my power, an incubus. Fuck!

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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