Allison Grey

Ant made coffee and drank a cup with me before he headed back to his room to sleep. Caffeine didn’t affect a vampire in the same way it did us, and he certainly wasn’t sleeping like me. I drank the remainder of the pot while I waited for Allison to show up. I wasn’t going to sleep. Ant knew it. But hiding in his apartment saved me from running into my people.

The door to Ant’s apartment opened while I was making a second pot of coffee. I had a melodramatic play list playing. Ant was dead to the world, he wouldn’t care. A pretty red head walked in with peircing green eyes and freckles all over her cheeks. She was wearing a gray business dress suit with a blood red tie and three inch spiked heels in the same chic grey.

She flashed me a pearly smile and I plastered a fake smile on my lips. “You must be Allison.”

Her hand extended over the bar separating the living room from the kitchen. “I am. You must be Nox Sétanta. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“All good I hope. Coffee?” I asked polietly.

She looked around, “Did you or Ant make it?”

“I made it.”

She nodded. “I’ll take a cup with cream and sugar. Hold the blood.”

I laughed. “He doesn’t.”

Allison giggled. “He’s been known to.”

“My first post might have had a little Beth in it then.” I grinned.

Allison smiled as she took the warm cup from my hands and set her stuff on the bar. “What did you do to it? It’s fabulous.”

“It’s a secret.” I smiled. “Actually no one can do it but me since I manipulated the beans. A trick I learned a when I first discovered coffee.”

“You should barissta downstairs sometime. We’d pull in tons of new customers.”

“Maybe when we get back.”

Allison nodded. “What is it I can get for you?”

“I need two pairs of jeans, three or four t-shirts, boxers, socks.”

She held up a finger, “Are you looking for a new wardrobe?”

I shook my head. “No, cheap, generic just something to wear until I can get my things and I don’t want to go home to do that right now.”

Allison nodded as if she understood. “You will be consorting with higher than though folks so I suggest more than jeans and t-shirts. I’ll get a pair of black slacks and khakis and two button down shirts as well. Long or short sleeves?”

“Long.” I said.

“Any color preferences?” She asked.

“I’ll let you decide, nothing pastle or light colored though.”

“Anything else?” Allison asked tapping her pen against her bottom lip.

“I’ll need a gun and ammo. I’d prefer a Berta M9, but anything will do.”

“Would you like me to send someone to your house to retreive your weapons? I know no one her ewould like to have to reaquaint themselves with a new weapon.”

I shook my head. “It’s just back up. I will use my ability before I draw the gun.”

“Alright. Anything else?”

“A bag to put it all in?” I asked.

She grinned. “I will ask Cari if she thinks you’ll need something else.”

“Alright.” I said.

Allison set the empty cup down and picked up her things and headed for the door. Her hand was on the door knob. “Do you want any company? I think Jack is chomping at the bit to talk to you.”

“Jack is welcome to come bother me if he wants to.” I sighed with a grin.

Allison giggled. “He’ll be over as soon as he’s feed Cari. It’s his day.”

The door opened and the blonde from earlier stepped through the door. “Hey Nox. Cari’s fixing to sleep. We are all free, want to do some training with us? Well just me.”

Allison frowned, “Jack wants to see him.”

“What’s Jack want with him?”

Allison shrugged. “He can wait. Nox isn’t a techo geek like the Wicked Truth.”

I smiled. “Allison tell Jack to I’ll hang with him after a good workout with Ryan. I really need something to straighten out my mind.”

Allison nodded. “I’ll let him know.” She left with her list of things and Ryan stood in the doorway waiting on me. This would be interesting, I’d never actually fought a Chevalier before.

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