Brandon Holt

Francesco was still awake when I left the library. I would go check it out again later. The idea that no one else saw it intrigued me, what was Cari hiding. He was sitting at the bar when I walked into the kitchen. Ryan started making a cup of coffee. “Black right?”

I nodded. “Yes please. As big of a cup you can find.”

Ryan grinned. “Alright.”

I stood in front of Francesco and smiled. “What can I do for you?”

He smiled. “It’s more a matter of what can I do for you?”

“You looked like you knew what you were doing. I’m not sure I can improve upon it.”

Francesco laughed. “It’s just more experience, you are doing fine. Will the Dragons help?”

“Yeah. I made friends a few months ago. A bigger friend than I thought.”

“Good.” He sighed. “I believe you need a bit more information and why I came with my grandson.”

Ryan handed me a cup of coffee and I took a long swallow. “Oh, my, god. That’s good.”

Ryan laughed. “I figured you’d like it. You should taste the wine.”

“I’m not a fan of wine.”

“I bet I can change your mind.”

I looked to Francesco. “Don’t tell me, a primeval vampire is working with Valence.”

Francesco nodded. “My brother, Brandon. I believe he is the one behind everything. Valence just being the biggest threat.”

“So Brandon is the brains and Valence is the brawn. Who should I worry about first?” I asked.

Ryan spoke up then. “Valence. Brandon may be behind it, but Valence is the one doing the damage. I don’t think he’ll stop if Brandon is stopped. It’s not in his training.”

“Valence was trained by Cari herself, much like Ant, Tony and Ryan. In addition to his vampire training. Ryan’s assessment is accurate.”

Ryan sneered at Francesco, “I’m glad my mere human mind meets up with what your superior knowledge says.”

I smiled. “No offense Francesco. I likely would have taken Ryan’s assessment into account more than yours. I don’t know you.”

“Brandon is a smart man. He will have other lieutenants, but Valence is the biggest threat now. I don’t mean to assume that my word is more valuable than Ryan’s. He is Il Cane’s most trusted companion.”

“The Dragons will help house our people. Where do we go from here? Who is the most dangerous ally for Valence to gain.”

Francesco and Ryan both spoke at the same time, “Virgil.”

“He’s the dream walker, in Prague?” I asked.

Ryan grinned at me. “He is. Have you been scouring your vampire lore?”

I shrugged. “No, but as I go through this I’m remembering a lot more than I think I knew.”

Francesco nodded. “You are trusting your link with my grandson. That is a good thing.”

“Just what I fucking needed, another mystical bond to attach me to people.” I sighed. “But I need a nap.”

Ryan laughed. “What he means to say is he needs to make a phone call to his boy.”

I grinned. “I’m late, he’s probably not there.”

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