The Tunnels

There was no point in wasting daylight – or rather night light? But that doesn’t sound as good. I had a bad ass vampire and a Chevalier here with me, plus a bear and another vampire and a wicca who I wasn’t exactly sure was fighting capable. So maybe Isabel was a liability, but maybe in a pinch she can heal? Wicca can do that right?

Ant didn’t question me. And the others just seemed to blindly follow me for whatever their fucking reasons. It wasn’t an ideal situation but it would do. I don’t think I’d ever hunted with this much back up before.

The tunnels were much like all the tunnels everywhere. Dark, wet and smelly. But mostly dark and wet. Two of the things I hated. The biggest difference between most tunnels and this was there were no rats. Not one. We walked for a good mile in those tunnels looking for signs of vampires and we never saw one rat.

Which could mean one of two things – one they were afraid of vampires, or two the vampires at them all. Either which way you looked at it, it meant there was a vampire problem.

Ant sighed, “This is getting us no where. My necromancer powers suck. But Nox, maybe you can draw on it and find them?”

“You honestly think I know what the fuck I’m doing here Ant?”

He chuckled. “I’ve never known you to ever know what the fuck you were doing. So I’ll reach into that hidden power, and you just do whatever the fuck it is you do.”

I sighed and I conjured up a platform of air and sat down. I’m sure it looked like I was floating but I was safe and sturdy and I patted dusted the platform and Ant sat down next to me. His pants would get a little sandy but he didn’t seem to mind. I wasn’t about to do this standing up.

Ant did his thing. I don’t know but I did feel it. I felt his magic flair. I didn’t know it was the necromancy, but I knew it was his vampire powers. I felt the flavor of death in my head though when I found that connection. That was what I wanted. I closed my eyes and I focused on that feeling on that power on Ant and death and all that made up a vampire.

I touched the concrete wall of the tunnel and spread my power through the tunnels. Earth and air, fire and water. The elements made up everything and I was part of it. My power went wide, flew farther then I knew possible along the walls through the tunnels everywhere. I felt the entire city with in ten minutes. I had a virtual map of the tunnels. And somewhere in the bowels I felt vampire. I wished for Dorian’s photographic memory but I didn’t have that. I would have to rely on my power.

I dropped my hand from the wall and opened my eyes. I concentrated on the vampire nest and I felt my way through the maze of tunnels underneath London. I stood up and waited for Ant to follow. “We good he asked?”

“I think I have them.”

Ant nodded. “You good to move?”

I nodded in return. “I think so. But I have no choice, we need that safe house.”

And so we did… we followed this unknown mystical feeling into the bowels of the city.

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