Straight Talk

Dev smiled at me and pushed away from the wall. “We should get you home.”

I sighed, “You aren’t staying?”

Dev took my hand in his and tugged me into the street. I dropped the veil around the alleyway and went with him. I knew that he wasn’t staying and I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. Dee was pissed and this was supposed to be about Dev talking me out of doing what I was going to do.

Dev chuckled as we walked down the street. “You think I’m here to berate you for Dee?”

I shrugged. “She always calls the two of you when she’s angry at me. She can’t yell at me herself so she lets you two do it for her.”

Dev sighed. “She doesn’t like feeling things. It’s hard on her. That demon sucked everything from her. She felt nothing. That has to be hard.”

“I know. I don’t mean to make her angry at me.” I really didn’t. She was important in our relationship. She called everyone out on their shit. Called me out when I was being an ass. And always made sure everyone was okay. The no bullshit caregiver is what Dee was. The boys adored her and despised her all at the same time. They hated when she came over and did their laundry because that meant she saw their rooms and they had to clean them.

Dev pulled me against him and snaked his arm around my waist. “Nox, do what you need to do. We’ll deal.”

“So you won’t be mad if I say yes to Cari. To helping her figure out when their EU enforcer is attacking council run establishments?”

Dev sighed. “Nox. You aren’t like us. This is our life our world and you don’t fit in. I get it. But you don’t need to run off in to danger anymore. We don’t want to lose you again.”

“So it’s okay for Dee’s dad to be a cop but me, who’s protecting humans from things that they don’t beleive in. That’s too dangerous.” I pulled away from Dev but he held fast and we stopped walking altogether.

“You can’t do that shit with me Nox.” He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me close, pressing his forehead to mine. “You can be an ass with the others. But we are always straight, you got that. No pity parties, no woah is me shit. There are no double standards and you know it. We love you. We care for you and we don’t want to see you hurt. I don’t want to lose you. Two coma’s Nox. Two!” His blue eyes were on fire in the dim yellow lights of the street lamp above us. “You do this. You do what you need to do and you come back to us. But if you come back even more broken I’m going to have words with the scariest fucking vampire. You hear me?”

I nodded against his head. I wanted to say she’d best be afraid of you. But Dev chuckled I didn’t need to. “I love sharing with you Nox. Of all the people to read so easy I am glad it’s you. Always entertaining.”

I pulled away and ducked my head. Dev wrapped his arm around me again and he finished walking me home.

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2 thoughts on “Straight Talk

  1. “You can be an ass with the others. But we are always straight, you got that. No pity parties, no woah is me shit.” Yeah, you tell him, Dev. :D

    For the record, Dev is awesome for understanding that Nox needs to do this.

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    1. He’s pretty awesome. At least one of them has my back for now anyway. I’m sure I’ll fuck something up.

      Liked by 1 person

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