The Reason

Ant helped me up and Matt and Morana came with me. Morana’s eyes were now a light blue instead of vampire red. Her hand was clutching at her little blue dress and Matt lifted her up with ease.

Ant shook his head. “How can you be so friendly with the vampire Matt? She just tried to kill you.”

Matt looked at Ant with a smile. “She was starving. She didn’t know she could kill me.”

“She tried to kill you. She could kill you right now.”

Matt smiled at Morana and asked, “Are you going to hurt me?”

She looked at Matt and then at me. Then she smiled a fanged little smile and shook her head. Morana put her head on Matt’s shoulder.

I rubbed the hair on her head and smiled. “When you are hungry you call me, Morana. I’m the only one you can feed on.”

“Nox, you can’t keep her.”

“You aren’t going to kill her!” I said.

Ant stopped in the hallway and turned to look at me. “Nox she’s as old as I am and a child. Vampires like this are insane and we kill them when they are made.”

I looked at Ant and stood my ground. “If you lay a finger on her pretty little head I will cut it off.”

Ant growled at me. “This is vampire business.”

“Who do you keep saying I am?” I asked.

“Mors Praetor, The Ascendant and Regnans.”

“What does that mean to you?” I asked.

Ant looked at me and his face grew dark.

“What does it mean to you, Ant? Am I Regnans when it suits your needs? When I’m just your little pawn?”

He bowed his head. “It is as you wish.”

Ant turned on his heel and started walking away. I followed but stopped half way to the apartment the boys had been staying in. Matt stopped with me. I held my arms out to Morana and she came to me.

Ant turned around and looked at me. “Nox.”

I looked at my friend. “Yeah?”

“Is that coming to become a habit?”

I shook my head. “I hope not.”

He nodded. “I’m sorry. I won’t question your judgment again.”

I laughed. “You better fucking question my judgement every fucking time you disagree with me.”

Ant smiled. “And this is why I believe.”

Matt smiled. “This why we all believe Nox.”

“You believe I’m some foretold savior because why, I’m a guy with a soft spot for kids.”

Matt laughed. “No. Because you tell us to tell you when you fuck up.”

I grinned. “I fuck up a lot. I need a lot of eyes on me.” I spun Morana around the hall and she giggled. “Shall we go check on everyone else?”

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