Lost in Thought

I picked up Dee, Dev was at work. Sunday’s were usually his day off, but when someone’s sick he covers. This afternoon someone was sick. So I didn’t get to see my rockstar before taking his girl out on a date. I should say our girl, but he’s their girl. Dee and I get along. We are friendly and the bedroom is one of our favorite places to be, but Dee likes the bedroom with all of us, individually or together, it doesn’t matter much to her. She gets three men to every other woman’s one. That makes her happy. And I want to make her happy.

I had already knocked before I drifted into my own thoughts and when Jimmy jabbed me in the shoulder with his pointy fingers I came back to the reality of my life. I gave him a wry grin and spoke softly, “Dee ready yet?”

Jimmy laughed. “What do you think?” He steped aside and I walked into their apartment. I’ll still never get over the fact that they had this huge place, but with five people living in it it was tiny. Their band equipment was everywhere – except Dev’s guitars. Each one had a home on Dev’s walls and each one went back after he was done playing. He loved those things. But his favorite sat in a stand in Sage’s basement. Of all the boys Fae was the only one who asked to play it. He’d learned a little up in the Rockies, but now he was taking lessons from Dev. And Dev was so good with the boys. They all loved him.

The boys loved us all. And we all got on well, so why wasn’t I happy?

I stood by the door out of the way while Dev’s bandmates played some video game on the TV. There was a lot of shooting, and a lot of shouting. Jimmy held up the controller, “You want to play. Dev says you are pretty good at this sort of thing.”

“In real life, on that thing I suck.” I said. Dee opened the door and I smiled, she looked fabulous in the same red dress she’d worn the night of our first date. “You look amazing.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’ve seen me in this already.”

I grinned, “I’ve seen you out of it too.”

She gave the boys a little blush and patted them all on the head as she walked past. “Don’t wait up boys.” She said in her most sexy voice, like they even had a chance with her anyway. She’d been stringing them on for years. She was Dev’s and that’s all that mattered to them.

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