Magic All Around



3 minutes

I woke with a lonely feeling and sadness. But I was warm and dry despite the soaking rain in my head. But a shiver ran through my body as I sat up. A snore drew my attention to the side and I saw Ryan dozing in the chair by my bed. I kicked it gently and sat up rubbing my eyes and stretching. It hadn’t been relaxing but at least I got to see them. I wished I could have kissed Sage. I could feel the lingering touch of Dev’s dream lips on mine and wished that I was with my boys.

Ryan groaned as he stretched. “Sorry musta fell asleep.”

“You didn’t have to stay here.”

“I felt the need to stay close.”

I nodded, “Next time feel free to sleep in the bed.”

Ryan shook his head and looked a little pale. I laughed. “I’m not going to seduce you or anything. But why sleep in a chair when the bed is big enough for both of us. I might curl up with you but it’s not about sex I promise.”

“What I’m not attractive enough for you?” Ryan teased.

I smirked. “Not much into blondes.” I teased back.

Ryan grinned. “Ant’s not much into blondes either.”

“Ant doesn’t like men.”

Ryan laughed, “Neither do I.”

“There sounds like a but at the end of that sentence.”

Ryan shrugged. “900 years old, seen it all, done it all. Really was no wonder Ant fell into your bed so easily. New and intriquing and hot if Allison is correct in her assessment.”

I laughed. “But not in your opinion.”

Ryan blushed. Big man with swords and he was blushing because he thought I was attractive. I could rub it in, be an ass. But I just smiled and changed the subject. “Shall we go see about the bears and wicca clans?”

Ryan nodded and lead the way. “It’ll go easier with Vinny around. Damian said you could call him, but I don’t know what that meant.”

“Me either.”

“You can call Ant right? Like through magic. Did you bond with Damian?” Ryan asked.

“Who the fuck knows my magic is all the over the fucking place these days.” I didn’t know what the vampire looked like. Hell I only knew his name. I opened my self to the magic around me. I could feel the therian magic and knew it was bear now. I felt the wiccan magic flowing through me which was odd. I’d never been around their magic before. There was death and blood on the edges of the magic now. I pulled at it and thought of the vampire I wanted. I didn’t know what I was doing. Fuck if any of this made sense.

I sighed. “Well I don’t know what I did but I did something.”

“Shit, really?” Ryan asked. “I’ll call Ant later and see if he can get us Vin’s number and then we can really call him. But we can go to Igor’s house and see about the bears.”

All Scenes

Getting Ready (9/12/2017)
Dev and Dee (9/13/2017)
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Unexpected Family (9/20/2017)
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Lost in Thought (9/23/2017)
Dinner and Dancing (9/24/2017)
Calling Ant (9/26/2017)
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Jumping In (9/29/2017)
8 seconds (9/30/2017)
He Can Wait (10/1/2017)
Straight Talk (10/2/2017)
Pissed Off (10/3/2017)
Some Understanding (10/4/2017)
The Couch (10/5/2017)
Raining (10/6/2017)
Allison Grey (10/7/2017)
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Jack Wynn (10/9/2017)
Meddling Friends (10/10/2017)
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Italian Villa (10/12/2017)
Temptation (10/13/2017)
Sleeping it Off (10/14/2017)
Magic All Around (10/15/2017)
Prophecy (10/16/2017)
Off Color (10/17/2017)
Heritage (10/18/2017)
Fucking Magic (10/19/2017)
Rude Awakening (10/20/2017)
Stronghold (10/21/2017)
Regrouping (10/22/2017)
Long Distance (10/23/2017)
My Rockstar (10/24/2017)
Stupid Bear (10/25/2017)
Finding My Self (10/26/2017)
The Real Problem (10/27/2017)
Shadow Walkers (10/27/2017)
Into Danger (10/28/2017)
The Frying Pan (10/29/2017)
Dragon Call (10/30/2017)
Red Dragons (10/31/2017)
Brandon Holt (11/1/2017)
Dreaming of You (11/2/2017)
I’m no Hero (11/3/2017)
More Favors (11/4/2017)
Chatter Boxes (11/5/2017)
Eloise Dean (11/6/2017)
Tunnel Rats (11/7/2017)
The Tunnels (11/8/2017)
Fire Fight (11/9/2017)
Am I Dead? (11/10/2017)
Into the Fire (11/11/2017)
Out of the Ashes (11/12/2017)
Untold Hunger (11/13/2017)
The Living Tattoo (11/14/2017)
Midnight (11/15/2017)
Off to Fight (11/16/2017)
Super Hero (11/17/2017)
Personal Assistant (11/18/2017)
Daddy Dearest (11/19/2017)
Bernstein (11/20/2017)
Delegation (11/21/2017)
Other Powers (11/22/2017)
Me Instead (11/23/2017)
Morana Balrog (11/24/2017)
The Reason (11/25/2017)
My Family (11/26/2017)
Falling Down (11/27/2017)
Dream Walkers (11/28/2017)
The Void (11/29/2017)
Waking Up (12/1/2017)
Wrap Up (12/2/2017)
Presents (12/3/2017)
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