Wrap Up

It had been a little under a month since I had returned from my European Tour of the alleys and dark places. The four vampires who had kept my family captive are dead now. But not because I said so. I gave them to the Vampire Council. They were charged with revealing the Clandestine Providence to humanity. Which wasn’t really a vampire law, but it was the Venatori reason for putting vampires to death. Their death’s hadn’t been quick. They were staked to the top of the AU building and the sun killed them. Which meant that for Nathaniel, the Elemental vampire master it took quite a long time for him to burn and die. The others not quite so long.

I had watched until the last ember blew away into the sky to make sure they were truly good and gone. Ant stood at my back the whole time. He was taking his body-guarding job seriously. But the thing was while he was my personal vampire bodyguard, I made him head of security. I’ll get into of what in a bit, but Ant was my left hand while Jin was my right.

At first Dee was jealous because Jin seemed to read me with easy. She knew when I was hungry, knew I needed to destress. But in rarity it had nothing at all to do with knowing me. Jin was in charge of my schedule. She knew when I wanted to eat, she knew when I scheduled my work outs. But Jin was observant and she adjusted my schedule as necessary. It had taken me a while to let Jin do the work. She would nudge me in a direction and I went now. She was like the alarms on my phone. I trusted Jin to understand my anxiety levels. We had a few mishaps early on, but now we were running like clock work.

This past month I’ve a priority on my family. The boys and Morana were still staying at the Night Life building in the original apartment they had been given. I’d taken the master there to be close by. It was our home. Cari gave me the whole floor. That’s a little less than 50,000 square feet of real estate I own. Cari sold it to me for a dollar.

We were doing renovations to the whole space. Starting with the space opening off of the elevator. Instead of walking into a hallway for apartments, you walked into a reception area for TCP Investigations. Cari had Larry legally transfer my Venatori PI license to New York City’s on the up and up. I even took the exam again so it was a true license. Sage wasn’t pleased with me, that I was still working a dangerous job, but we were working on it. Whatever his dream had been had changed his view of my work. But he worried.

Sage is back in his house, but he’s got it on the market. As soon as the back half of the floor is finished, he’s moving in. We all have our own rooms. We can do whatever we want with those rooms, but a requirement is a twin bed to crash in when we need space. We have our room. Where we will stay most of the time. Just for the four of us. But we also have a family bed, the nights following my return found all of us in the same bed. Fae was in heaven, and so was I. I think everyone else took a while to get used to it. All the kids have their own rooms. And we have a few extra rooms for guests. But I have other plans. Our house will also contain a state of the art computer center, a full gym with a yoga/mat area, a grandoise kitchen that Dee designed herself. I must say I’m in love with it. Dev and the boys even have their own studio to work from now. And Sage and Dev’s favorite room? The home theater. The whole of the house will take up half of the square footage of the entire floor. The studio, computer center and gym will have public access for business ‘uses’ but the rest is our own personal space.

The rest of the space is all part of TCP Investigations – my company. I haven’t taken on my first case yet, but mostly because Larry and Ant and I are working out all the details for legal reasons. I’m a human doing human work.I imagine I’ll be doing a bit of spying on spouses and things, but that’s okay. Sage will be happy. But it gives me the legal means to peruse the weird cases.

But it’s the holidays and my mind hasn’t been on the issues of the Clandestine Providence – Valence is still at large. Brandon Holt is causing misery to the vampires, but my biggest problem was what do I get everyone for Christmas.

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