He Can Wait

Dev had my hand in his and it felt comfortable and I could have followed him with anticipation, but there were things Dev liked and right now I felt like indulging my rockstar with a little bit of his own dark desires. Dev was human for all his abilities and he was turning to say something to me when I had him pressed to the wall with my body. The viel was still all around us. The street 10 feet away was busy with cars and pedestrians, but no one would see us. And even then they had to look and understand what they were seeing in the shadows.

My body pressed Dev’s against the brick wall. He looked at me with a smirk and I bit my bottom lip. “I don’t want to wait until we get home.”

I had to move away from Dev to fit my hands between us so I could undo his tight black jeans. He was so fucking hot in his club uniform. I was truly amazed Dev didn’t have to fight people off every night. He grinned at me, “Maybe I do.”

My fingers worked the buttons and the zipper on his jeans as I pressed my lips to his and thought. Are you okay with this?

Dev laughed against my lips and pushed me away by my shoulders so I was standing several inches away from him. “I’m more than okay with this.”

I didn’t hestitate any longer as I pulled Dev’s hardening length from his jeans, he wore nothing underneath. Lines weren’t attractive. And I was more than fond of taking advantage of that fact in our alone time. I dropped to the concrete on my knees and stared up at my lover who was gazing down at me with renewed fire. I licked the bottom of his cock from base to tip never breaking eye contact. I watched as my lover shuddered. His fingers gripped the back of my head and he held on with a tight grip of my hair.

I engulged his growing length in my mouth and listened to the soft groan as the roof of my mouth ran over the head of his cock. My tongue ravaging the length as I bobbed my head from tip to base, moving deeper with each movement.

Dev’s hand gripped tighter and he pressed me deeper, holding me longer each time. My throat convulsing around his cock. Dev groaned and thrust in deep pressing my face into his groin as he released down my throat.

His hands let go and I pulled away gasping for air sitting back on my heels and staring up at my rockstar’s post orgasm face. His eyes were closed as he came down. I stood up and fixed my lover’s clothing, pressing my body against him and humming against his neck. Dev wrapped his arms around me, “Fuck, pretty boy.”

I grinned. “Thank you.”

“For what, Nox? I didn’t do anything.”

I placed a soft tender kiss on his lips. “You do everything for me.”

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