Pissed Off

Since Sage’s first post was about our fight I thought I’d remind everyone of how it happened #throwbackthursday #tbt

The Mind of Nox

Dev was one of those traditional type guys. He was meant to be with a girl. He liked to wine and dine her. Walk her home, kiss her good-night and maybe if he was lucky the night cap in her apartment. He’d been with Dee forever and then he met us. Of all my lovers he was the only one who really insisted he walk me home. Not because I needed to be protected but because he was that traditional. And I had no problem letting him take care of me. It made him happy and that’s what I wanted from all of them.

And I knew my behavior was making everyone pissy. Dev’s hand tightened on my hip as we walked down the street back to Sage’s house. The brownstone came into view but I knew we were close before that. The power around the little house was extraordinary…

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