Out the Door

He was a few inches shorter than I was and as I watched his back walk away from me I knew I had screwed up. That this might be the last time I saw his great ass or his sweet smile – the real smile. But I was fuming. He had the audacity to keep living that life. To treat me like some kid who just needs his protection. I stormed down stairs before he even reached the door.

I wonder if Nox turned back. I wonder if he even gave me a second thought after leaving me like that. I hope he fucking cried. I thought to myself as I hit the landing in the basement where my brother sat in a computer chair pounding away at hacking the disk that Nox had received months ago.

It felt like years. But I knew it wasn’t. Nox was so ingrained in my life in these short few months I felt that emptiness when I sat down with a heavy sigh.

Adam looked at me and frowned. “I thought you were done for the night. Nox was home.”

I shook my head. “He was. But he’s leaving. He’s going to go to fucking Europe and hunt fucking vampires.”

Adam’s eyes went wide. I had really said that. I fucking said vampires to my human brother who didn’t know anything about the life I lived in. Adam was a techno path like me, but he lived a human life like I tried to do until I met Nox.

Adam leaned forward. “Wait, you know about vampires too? Not like the movie ones or those stupid sparkling ones. Real vampires?”

I wasn’t sure if Adam was making fun of me or not so I shrugged.

Adam smirked as he leaned back in his chair. “I have this friend, he only comes out at night. He drinks blood.”

I asked, “How do you know he drinks blood? He could be just lying.”

Adam smiled. “He bit me, Sage.” His eyes rolled back into his head as he tipped it back to show how much he had fucking liked it. “Oh my god, Sage, you’ve never felt anything like it. It’s like sex without ever having to get naked.”

“Getting naked is one of the best parts of sex.” I quipped back.

Adam laughed, “Yeah and the best part about waking up is Foldger’s in your cup.”

I chortled which turned into a laugh and Adam and I had forgotten all about my ultimatum to Nox, and his subsequent departure. That was until my phone blipped and reminded me that the boys were still upstairs sleeping. But that wasn’t what Nox had said. He’d said Drake saw the whole thing. Our little dragon saw us fight. He watched his Dad walk out the fucking door. He had to be broken up about it, he loved Nox more than anything in this world. And I couldn’t figure it out.

Nox essentially killed his family. And Drake loved him for it. In what world does that even make sense.

I wanted to throw my phone at Nox, but he wasn’t here, not that I’d throw it anyway. But it was how I felt. Adam shook his head and took my phone away from me. “He was just a good fuck anyway. Don’t worry about him. Let’s see what juice details we can find out about him and not tell him about.” Adam said as he got back to work.

Adam put his hand on my shoulder and I nodded. “All right. Let’s do this.” I cracked my knuckles and we got down to work – again.

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