Dean drew his gun and Cass blinked but he turned around once Dean was running past him. Dean shouted back at me, “Get them fireballs ready.”

I didn’t know how to do that? Fuck I didn’t know anything about Nox’s powers. I still wanted to know why the fuck I had them. Cass was running after Dean and the two shadowy figures kept on running, Dean and Cass nearly ran them over like they hadn’t seen them. The one with a bow actually had to stop in mid stride so he didn’t run into them as they chased after the scorpion creature.

Fuck! I didn’t want to chase after them but I found myself running to catch up. It it weren’t for Nox’s extreme fitness I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up. I’d gone from one or two swimming or running sessions a week to going nearly everyday just to keep up with him. Not that he ever said anything about how I looked or how much I ate. He just kept feeding me, which is why I had increased my own workouts.

The thing went down an alley way and was cornered by Dean and Cass, and the two shadow figures. It reacted as you’d expect any cornered animal. It lunged at Dean and Cass and I yelled “Watch Out!” with an out reached hand and a fireball spewed forth without much thought. “Duck!” I called out moments later and both sets of hunters ducked as the fireball ripped over their heads and splattered against the shadowy creature and it went up in a poof of fiery glory – there was nothing left once it had all been said and done.

Dean turned around at me with a grin so wide it almost split his face in to. “He’s handy to have around.”

I looked to the two shadow figures who were walking away. “I do your work for you and you run away?”

They all looked at me as if I were crazy. I took steps towards the two new people and as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw exactly who it was and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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Looking At Me (11/16/2017)
Demon Tracking (11/17/2017)
Not a Demon (11/18/2017)

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