A Fight

Azazel chuckled. “Nice try hunter.”

Scratching sound sounded all around us and I turned around to see thousands of skittering creatures crawling on the walls, scurrying towards us with their little clickity-clacking feet on the cement and pavement. What would Nox do?

It didn’t matter really, but I knew what I’d do in a game. I’d draw them to some place we could pick them off one by one. That was the best strategy. It was the one you used in paint ball too. I smiled to myself as I thought we don’t have to draw them anywhere. I could make that funnel. If only I knew how…

Air was all around me, I let Nox’s power go, let it flow into just the air, I treated it like mine, but it didn’t do anything. But I could see the glowing air around me. I formed it into a wall – no a dome around us with only one way in, right in front of Alexander Lightwood and his bow.

He smiled and nodded as he realized what I’d done. But he didn’t say anything.

Azazel had run off and Dean had started to chase him but the wall I erected impeded his progress. “Damn it! I could have had him.”

“Another time.” Magnus shouted. “Right now we’ve bigger problems.”

And then the little girl who had introduced us to the demons charged us with a series of crawling demons. Magic was wonky now. Demons couldn’t possess shape here with out a body. They weren’t able – yet here it was. Another case of my dreamworld making itself known to me.

I felt each time those skittering creatures hit my wall. I felt it jar down to my core. My bones rattled. Their scratching claws against it grated along my skin. It was part of me. I could feel each movement against the air on my skin.

I shuddered with each pounding. But I held strong it was just a wall of air it would hold.

The demons that came through were picked off one and a time by Dean, Alec and Magnus. Cass stayed by them and got any that got past the three ranged. It was so very video game like. And all I was doing was holding a wall.

I’d seen Nox do some big things. I lifted my hand and thought fire, a small ball of fire flickered in my hand and I smiled. I shot it out at the demons scurrying towards Cass. It was more than one. My wall flickered a little as I divided my attention, the faded wall soon coalesces around the creatures cutting them in half as they tried to take advantage of my mistake.

Dean looked at me and shouted, “Don’t do that again.”

I nodded. I held the wall. I’d only hold the wall.

Creature by creature they fell. None never getting past Cass. If one got past I wasn’t sure what would happen. Everyone else was so focused on the entrance that they missed the little girl with a razor sharp hand. I tried to shout out but as I reached out to yell a fireball lept from my hand. The girl screeched as it landed and Magnus turned to look back at the fireball. I’d killed again with the power.

I felt the power draining from me. The wall flickering. It didn’t fade as I pushed all my strength into it. I couldn’t fail at the one job I had. To keep everyone safe. I had to… And then there was darkness.

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