Going Up

I looked at the building that Cass indicated and wondered what the fuck I was doing. This wasn’t me. I didn’t save people. I didn’t run into buildings blind.

But here I was walking in behind Dean, who insisted on going first. I wasn’t going to object and Alec was equipped with a bow and arrow and he preferred the back. Us magic users I guess got the middle. It was very much like playing some MMO with my friends. The tank went first, the squishes next and followed up with the DPS just in case we got attached from the rear. I never imagined I’d ever be a squishy though, I disliked playing mages and wizards and the like. But then me and my friends tended towards Halo and FPS games, that is if we weren’t out hitting each other with paint balls.

It was almost like a game, except lives were at stake, people could die. I could kill them.

Alec put his hand on my shoulder and shook his head, “Don’t think about it. Just think about what’s next. What you have to do next. One foot in front of the other and then the next. When we are done you can think about it. We don’t have time to deal with our feelings right now.”

I sighed and nodded as we moved silently through the building, moving up and up each floor following Cass’s demon trail. He didn’t see the thing skitter in front of Dean. Dean didn’t see it. But the arrow that streaked past their heads and landed into the demon caught their attention as it burst into flames. “One.” I whsipered to my self.

(Really want to to have the legolas gimili challelnge quoe here) from Magnus.

I laughed softly to myself. It was good when someone else catches your references and you don’t even have to try. But Magnus was really the only one to catch my references, it was sad. Almost like being a big bad ass hunter made you not into pop culture. Nox, and Dean and Alec, they all looked at me like I was this strange foreigner in their already strange land.

Upstairs we went. Level by level until we were on the roof. “There is nothing here Cass.” He turned to look at his friend who was shrugging as he pointed at the little light that was blinking furiously. “That’s what it says.”

Alec moved around us with his bow knocked. “It’s here.” He couldn’t see it either, but he could feel it. I felt something. I felt nauseous as I thought about the feeling. My sight blurred. The lights shifted and I saw things in minute detail. Halos around objects. I could see the small pebbles that made up the top of the roof. The sound of the bird flying over head. There was a small noise behind us.

I turned just as I saw a dark thing skitter across the roof behind us for entry onto the roof. It jumped at me and I out of reflex I threw my hands out in front of me. I thought about all the other times when the fireball flew from my hands and this time I saw the patterns form. Felt the heat of the fire as it built in slow motion. Like time had stopped just for me.

The flame flew and the demon howled a foot away from my head and then shattered into a thousand little floating black specs.

“Nice shot.” Alec tapped me on the back and walked past me. “But there is nothing else here. None of these are Azazel.”

Dean cleared his throat, “You fire happy, whatever you are’s can’t go killing Azazel while he’s inside my brother.”

Alec looked at him with confusion. “How’d that happen?”

“It just did.” Dean said as he looked around the rest of the roof. He looked over the edge and down. “Could it have jumped?”

“Nox would have.”

Alec looked back at me and asked, “He can fly?”

“No. Not fly. Falling with Style.”

Magnus chuckled. “I don’t think the demon jumped. I don’t think he was here. We can’t keep chasing one by one.”

Alec said,”We really need the institute system to track demons.”

“How do you track them? You have that sensor thing yeah? Maybe I can rig it to my system?”

Dean said,”You could do that?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. I might blow something up in the process but yeah I can.” I may not know Nox’s power but I knew my capabilities. And I could do this. Even if I couldn’t I’d damn well try. “But we have to go back to my apartment.”

Dean sighed. “I don’t want to just sit on my ass. This is a hot spot. I’m going to stick around here. Arrow boy you go with him, the rest of us will stay here and look around.”

Alec looked to Magnus, “You okay with staying here with him?”

Magnus gave Alec a glittery smile and then pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I think he should be more afraid of me than you Alexander, I am the high warlock of Brooklyn.”

Alec nodded. “I know, but that doesn’t mean anything here. Or in his world. And…”

“Isn’t it cute. Alexander, I can take care of myself.”

Alec blushed. “I know but…” He didn’t finish his sentence you could tell it had something to do with loving him and caring for him. But he walked over to our full on Angel and extended his hand. “I’m going to need that back so Sage can use it.”

Cass handed it to him with a smiple nod of his head. “Thank you.” He entoned.

Alec walked back to me and looked at Magnus with a great big smile. “Can you portal us back?” He was sweet and innocent and Magnus sighed.

“How can I resist that?”

Portaling was much like how I imagined what Nox said walking through the shadows was like.

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  1. “I never imagined I’d ever be a squishy though,” I get what he means by “squishy”, but it makes me smile all the same. I would love to see Nox’s reaction to a statement like that. :lol:

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    1. I would have taken offense to it had he said it to me and took it the wrong way. I’m so not squishy in any form. But AJ’s laughing at me because I don’t understand the concept… sighs I wish I wasn’t so self aware here and had AJ’s thoughts too.

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      1. I can totally see that happening. :lol: Poor unsquishy Nox.

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