All Alone

The room was empty. The pentagram was on my floor. The blood pooled in a slick puddle of red. I had no idea if everyone was okay. I wasn’t likely to ever find out. It was a dream after all. A dream where I wasn’t even me. I was Nox. I had Nox’s power. I had his gift, his job. I saw what he dealt with daily. It was a lesson.

And one I think I learned.

I killed a man with my power – his power. Nox had to be careful every moment of his life. He had fine control on everything. He needed that release. Needed someone to tell him what to do on occasion. It wasn’t about a kink. It was a release. I thought I’d understood before.

I thought I knew what made him happy. This had been fun. Scary, but fun. I had killed saving someone. I cared what happened. Nox cared more than I did. His power was draining. I could feel it eating at me when I’d killed that little girl. I sank to the floor and then flopped to my back to stare at the ceiling. “Dev. I’m done. I got it now. Nox needs the hunt as I need my computer. It’s life. It’s death without it.”

I closed my eyes and I hoped to wake up. I hoped to wake up to a world where my lovers were wrapped around me. But I knew one would be missing. I knew Nox would be doing what he needed to do. And if he ever spoke to me again I would be lucky. I thought I knew him. Thought I understood, but I was wrong.

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