Not a Demon

We followed Alec through the alley way and there were the sounds of a scuffle coming from the next alleyway. Alec drew his bow from the shadows where it was hidden. I saw it but it was not there then there and Dean was staring at him, “Who do you do that?” He asked.

Magnus answered, “It’s a glamour, it’s magic.” And he waved his hand and a puff of blue smoke followed in a trail.

Dean laughed, “So I’m the only normal one around here.”

Magnus said, “What’s so good about normal?”

“In a world full of weird, pretty damn comforting for me.” Dean replied.

“But you aren’t normal either.” I declared. “Most people don’t drive around cars with salt, and holy water in the trunk of their cars. They don’t know exorcism spells and they don’t believe in ghosts and vampires or magic.”

Magnus nodded. “You are mundane, Dean Winchester, but you are not normal.”

“I’m not mundane.” Dean replied, he sounded like he was insulted and sad about being called that.

I grinned, “At least you aren’t a muggle.”

Magnus laughed but Alec just closed his fist in a “Quiet” gesture and we advanced on the noise. It didn’t seem affected by the fact that we were making noise. “Silence field” Magnus said to remind Alec and tell us what was going on.

We rounded a corner expecting to find a demon, instead we found a man pushing a woman up against a wall and forcing himself on her. It was a disgusting act. A horrible thing to do to someone and without a though I ripped the man away from the woman and he bounced against the wall knocking his head. I heard a squash and when I let him go he slumped to the ground lifeless.


Dean and Alec were checking on the woman and Magnus and Castiel had gone to the dead man. I stared in horror at what I’d done. I’d killed a man with Nox’s power. It had been so easy. I hadn’t meant to. I felt nauseous. No it was worse than that. I wanted to hurl. I needed to. I turned around and ran back the way we came. I kept running. I killed someone…

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