Summoning a Demon

Thankfully Dean and Cass managed to catch the four-legged garbage disposals before they ruined my basement. And that’s when things go weird. Magnus had finished his drawing. Dean chanted words. And slit the goats throats letting them bleed all over the pentagram. No one else wanted to do it. Dean was the only one “man enough” he said to do it. So he did it.

Magnus didn’t want to touch blood magic. Cass said he couldn’t and Alec looked at Dean like you do it. Me I wanted nothing to do with it. I had wished them dead but I couldn’t do it. I mean really do it. I could kill a bug or a spider, but a goat? Maybe a mouse, but a goat? A thing the size of a dog? Maybe kinda cute.

But I also didn’t want to get blood on my clothes. There might be something to do with a phobia. But I wasn’t man enough to admit I might be afraid of blood. But i didn’t watch the summoning. I had gone upstairs to make sure the entrance had been salted? What the fuck? I thought that was a ghost thing. Hell hounds? I don’t know but Dean said it had to be done to keep it inside, so I made sure our salt barrier was in place while the blood poured from the goats I hated before.

As i was coming back down the stairs I felt a wind swirling in my basement. It got dark, and then there was the words Azazel and I felt a surge of power. It nipped at my senses and when I reached the last step inside the pentagram stood Sam Winchester with yellow eyes.

Fuck! We’d summoned a demon to my basement. Alec and Magnus started the second spell the moment that Sam had shown up. He started speaking in a voice that was not his own. “Who dares…” he was going to finish summon me but he started cackling madly. It might have been more comical if he’d said, “maniacal laughter, maniacal laughter.” Instead the sound coming from his voice sounded more like a series of clicks.

It wasn’t laughter, it was demon speech, Sam slit his wrists and I felt the darkness grow. We watched as tiny little demons form once they hit the ground and grow. They started small like insects, then scorpions, and larger until they were the size of cats and dogs, and still bigger yet. They filed the pentagram like an hourglass. We were going to get overrun.

Alec and Magnus were working the exorcism as fast as possible and the demon screamed. He shuddered and split. It was like I was watching the world split in two in that moment. Or thirds. Everything splintered. The world shifted. The demon’s energy was the only thing combining worlds. The spell was shattering the power.

Dean and Cass and Sam flickered in and out of phase.

Magnus and Alec and the scorpion like creatures flickered. If they disappeared into their own world they’d be overrun. But if I sent a fireball now, Sam might die. Fuck!

I had a decision to make. I didn’t send a fireball. But I started to target individual demons in their trapped environment with Nox’s power. Fire a pin prick. Each one that grew hotter and hotter as seconds passed.



The demon screamed, “No!” It echoed in my basement office until it was cut off. Not a death cry, just gone.

Sam, Dean and Cass were gone.

Alec, Magnus and the demons were gone.

There was nothing in my basement except me and the remnants of demon smoke as it fled this world back to it’s own.

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  1. Cooo, that went south! 😀

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      1. Possibly just a British expression. Going South refers to something turning bad, quickly. :)

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      2. I understood that. How did it go bad? Maybe the next scene will clear up my misunderstanding.


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