The Next Morning

Dean and Cass got Fae and Drakes room, it had two twin beds. Dean looked less than happy but he took Fae’s bed which wasn’t covered in a car quilt that Dee had found at a thrift shop. Fae’s was a bundle of pillows and blankets, not that he actually slept in it. But when he did it was in the middle of what Nox called a nest. Fae was a true wolf, he loved pack, but we weren’t pack and we didn’t all like to sleep in a pile. He and Nox on the other hand would every night if I let them. But I wanted Nox alone in my bed with out a child to accidentally feel my hard on – specially a child as confused as Faelen was. Matt was into boys before he met Nox. Fae wasn’t sure what he wanted. Everyone including Matt pushed him towards girls because that’s what is normal. But Fae was struggling with everything. He needed to see a therapist too. So did Nox, but that wasn’t here nor there.

Alec and Magnus took Matt’s room which was ungodly awful in it’s all black accessories. I’d refused to let him paint it black. But when you turned the lights of there were things all over the walls in glow paint. I’d agreed to it, and if I ever sold it I planned on leaving it. Someone would think the prior owner was a Satan worshiper or something for some of the things Matt had scrawled across the walls. But none of it was harmful. He was learning magic from some of the local covens. He was a null, but runic magic he could work. He was excelling at it among everything else he did.

Magnus had stared fascinated by the work on the walls. I didn’t think he was going to get much sleep despite his half naked boyfriend lying in bed pretending to sleep – or maybe he was I couldn’t really tell when I curled up in my own bed.

I didn’t sleep in a dream, I didn’t dream in a dream. It felt like it was the next morning and I was sitting at the bar in my kitchen while Alec was warming up food. He was dressed in a tight black t-shirt and a pair of shorts, his hair was wet like he’d just got out of the shower and he was making food. The only real thing missing was colored tips and I could almost pretend he was Nox.

Nox was always up early. He was always making me breakfast, or lunch. He was always here and now, he was not. And he might never come back. He was a pain in the ass like that. He shut down when he got angry. He didn’t yell. He didn’t fight with you. He just turned off. Curled up and hated himself even more. That’s one of the funny things about Nox I’ll never get, how such a great guy can always feel so bad about himself. Sure he has a rare humor, his attitude could use adjusting, but when people liked him, they really liked him, they didn’t fake it.

He was sweet and caring. And I didn’t even have to go into how he looked. His smile made me melt when it was his real smile. I knew that fake one, but I’d been ignoring it for a while now. He was always smiling, I was taking it for granted I guess.

I sat at the bar staring at a flame dancing above my hand. I’d seen Nox do it a thousand times. I saw him sit here and juggle balls of fire and earth and air and water and make the kids laugh beyond reason and I have his power, and I can barely make a flame dance on my palm. It was sitting here flickering.

“That’s a pretty fire.” Alec said making me jump and the flame winked out. When I looked up he was flushed in the face and said, “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Your boyfriend can do that?” He asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. And so much more.”

“Why do you think you have these powers?” Alec asked as he poured a cup of coffee for me and added cream and sugar. He pushed it towards me. “Did I get it right?”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I shrugged. “I don’t know. It was a dream, I was supposed to be learning something but I wasn’t going to say that out loud.

“What do all of the rest of you do?” He asked as he busied himself in Nox’s kitchen. I wondered what Nox would think of Alec Lightwood cooking in his kitchen without me. It made me smirk.

But I wasn’t sure how to answer Alec. “What do you mean do?”

“He has magic. I can’t see he’d reveal himself to just any mundane. So what do you do? What are you?” He asked then blushed. “I mean… uh… You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

I laughed a little at his awkwardness and wondered if I came off like that at times. Nox and Dev were always trying to make me blush. I shrugged. “I’m a technopath. I can manipulate machines – mostly ones that work with electricity and ones and zeros. I’m a hacker remember.”

Alec nodded, “And the others, are like you?”

I shook my head. “Not exactly, we are all paths. But we are all human. Dev is a telepath and a dream walker and Dee is an empath.”

“That’s gotta be rough for them.”

“Dev knows what he is. His dad taught him. Dee’s dad dealt with a demon to shield her from her empath. Dev and Nox help her with her shield now that the demons dead. She doesn’t want to be an empath.”

“You mentioned kids?” He blushed again. “I’m just curious. Magnus and I have one. He’s with my mom right now. She’s probably freaking out right now.” Alex rolled his eyes. “Max is probably teleporting around the Institute scaring her to death.”

“Nox has two officially adopted kids and legal custody of the third.” I said.

“So not yours?” He frowned.

“Not on paper. Drake, our three year old calls me Vader. Dev is Da, Nox is Daddy and Dee is Mommy.”

A musical voice sounded behind me, “Alec won’t catch the reference to Darth Vader.”

I turned around to see Magnus padding his way into the kitchen. “Neither would Nox if he hadn’t been there when Dev talked Drake into the nick name. Dev likes his nicknames.”

Alec laughed. “So does Magnus, if he can remember your name you are lucky. Clary’s parabatai has never been called my his right name.”

Magnus sighed, “I know his name is Simon, it’s jut a game.” Magnus pouted and Alec walked around the island and wrapped his arms around the warlock and kissed him. It made me blush as I turned away to give them some privacy. Even though it took all the effort in the world to not let my voyeurism kick in.

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