Alec and Magnus

Alec and Magnus

I nearly fainted. Not only were Cass and Dean standing in front of me, but so were Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. I laughed.

It was a maniacal kind of laughter. I’d lost my mind. My mind had put me in my boyfriends shoes with some of my favorite characters. It had a nefarious reason I was certain. I couldn’t fathom what it was at the moment, but this was certainly not my way of doing things, someone else had to have a hand in it. I was dreaming. I knew I was.

I never had a real to life lucid dream like this. There was only one reason to be having this dream – Devin. If I remembered this in the morning he was so going to get a berating.

Dean watched me curiously but Cass asked, “Who are you talking to and looking at?”

Dean point at Cass, “What he said.”

“They must be glamoured.” I smirked. “Alec and Magnus of another realm – a realm where demons can take on a form outside of a host.”

Alec asked, “You can see us?”

I nodded. “Not clearly, you are hidden in a purplish fog, but yeah I can see you fine.”

Dean took a step towards them and waved his hand through the space I was looking at. Alec dodged out of the waving hand just as he passed his stele over his rune and Magnus just popped into existence. I almost expected glitter to fly through the air in celebration.

Dean jumped backwards gun in hand. Cass just blinked and stared at the others who just appeared out of thin air. I grinned. Dean and Cass this is Magnus and Alec.

“How do you know our names?” Alec asked shifting his bow to the other shoulder.

“Would you believe me if I said I’ve read all about your adventures?”

Dean scoffed, “You’ve read their books? But not ours?” He was actually offended by it.

I frowned, “Those books don’t exist in my world. You are on TV. Chuck isn’t real.” Maybe he’d understand. “Do you remember that one time when you were transported to another realm where you actors playing roles?”

Dean’s eyebrow raised. “Yeah…”

“That’s here.” I said.

“Wait. We were chasing a demon. The demon you killed, and nothing weird happened.” Dean raised his voice, “Nothing weird happened.”

Alec looked at Magnus and Magnus did some weird magic thing, magic smoke circled us all. He shrugged. “I don’t get any strange magic from any of them. Nothing demonic.”

Dean growled. “I’m no demon.”

“I’m an angel.” Cass said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Magnus chuckled. “I like him. So to the point. Refreshing.”

Alec added. “We are tracking a demon. You’ve killed our lead. You killed his demon. We need to get our stories straight.”

Dean said. “He mentioned pancakes and pie.” He looked at me and frowned, “We don’t even know your name? You know all of ours.”

I nodded. “My name is Sage Morgan. I’m a white hat hacker. And Bonnie’s is up the street.” I looked around to where we were now and pointed in the other direction. “Down the street. Best pumpkin pie and still serving pancakes.”

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  1. Yes! I was hoping they would show up. :D

    “I almost expected glitter to fly through the air in celebration.” Hahahahahahahaha!

    “Dean scoffed, “You’ve read their books? But not ours?” He was actually offended by it.” And he would be offended by it. :lol:

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    1. Told you they were showing up grins I do love that line and I agree Dean would be very offended by it.

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  2. And for the record. Cas’ comments make me smile. :D

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    1. AJ says he’s one of the hardest to write but one of the most fun because it’s so wide eyed innocent from a grown man. AJ hear’s Dean speaking in the way only Dean can talk and grins every time it sounds like something he’d say.

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  3. Loved the glitter line too, this is great fun, good job AJ :)

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