Oh. My. God.

I opened my eyes and there was a bright light. Not just one, an array of colors – red, green, blue and yellow splayed across my vision. I couldn’t see anything but those lights, those colors. I didn’t know where I was. Sounds started to drift to my ears a whispered giggle, “Mommy, look at the naked man.”

A soft breeze blew through and I felt it across my body and I felt the goose bumps rise all over my skin. Smells grew stronger. I was in a coffee shop – I could smell the fresh ground beans and the sticky sweet residue of the vanilla as a barissta pumped some into someone’s cup.

I was in a coffee shop. I heard a bell jingle and a voice called out, “Welcome to Starbucks.”

I was having that dream again – I was naked in a coffee shop and people were watching me. I couldn’t see anything still just a bunch of colors but the sounds and smells told me where I am. I ran out of the coffee shop – my favorite coffee shop without my laptop or my things. I could hear the jeers and the snickering as I ran. I still couldn’t see.

The next moment I was in Central Park. It was always Central Park, but it wasn’t day anymore, and the night time sky made the lights less. I could see the bench in front of me. But it wasn’t a bench as I knew a bench. It was wrapped in a glow of colors.

Everything was dark, and quiet and I had nothing but this sight, this vision. I looked around and everything had a halo. Even my hand had a halo but it wasn’t like the others. It was there but not there. It changed colors.

I blinked my eyes. I focused on the bench and the halo faded. But when I looked away the blinding colors were back. I focused on the bench again and saw my vision clear. What the fuck?

I switched between that bench and everything else for twenty minutes but it felt like a blink of an eye before I could look at other things without seeing that halo. But the moment that my focus got distracted, like the wolf running out of the tree line straight at me. A wolf?

I should run, but there wasn’t time. I stretched my hand out to make sure it didn’t get my face and when I did the halo’s shifted and a ball of fire shot out of my hand.

The fire raced towards the wolf. And the wolf tried to turn around and run the other way, but everything happened so fast. And soon there was burning flesh and hair and the wolf body turned into a boy – a young boy.

No. No. No. I cried out in my head. I tried to put the fire out. I took off my coat – where the fuck did I get a coat. I looked down at me and I was dressed.

And when I looked back up the wolf/boy on fire was gone and in front of me stood a man in a leather jacket pointing a gun at my head. “What the hell are you?” He said in a gruff voice that made my insides tighten – Dean fucking Winchester.

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  1. “What the hell are you?” He said in a gruff voice that made my insides tighten – Dean fucking Winchester.” This literally had me laughing out loud. :lol:

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