The Docks

We took the train as close as we could and then we walked the rest of the way. Alec was quiet so I didn’t have to talk about things. I wasn’t sure if he was angry with me or just quiet. Or worried. I wasn’t good at reading people like Nox or Dev.

We only stood around for a few minutes before Dean walked around the corner while Magnus and Cass were busy talking. I over heard a few sentences of Magnus telling Cass about how his magic worked. Cass looked enthralled, but there was a confused look on his face. Magic didn’t work like that in his world. Magic like Magnus’ didn’t work like that here either. Conjuring things and teleportation just wasn’t something. Though Nox’s ability came close when he created objects from nothing. But he said that was all elements, and the shadow walking for vampires was the closest thing to teleportation.

Magnus probably thought our magic was odd too.

Magnus and Alec exchanged a kiss on the cheek and then turned towards the rest of us. Everyone looked at me. “I… uh.”

Dean grunted. “So where’s the demons.”

I looked around and got my bearings and then pointed. “Two blocks that way. In a warehouse by the water.”

Dean asked, “You sure Azazel’s there? I need to find Sam. And you can’t kill him!”

Alec assured Dean, “We aren’t killing anyone.”

Just then a little girl walks around the corner. There was something about the way she walked that had me on edge. She didn’t walk like she was a little girl, or even like she was comfortable in her own skin. It reminded me of the way Nox walked on occasion, on a bad day . On a day he’s preoccupied with his appearance, or his clothes are itchy and scratching his skin. Either ways she didn’t look like she was a girl. And it had nothing at all to do with the dead black eyes that stared back at us.

Her voice was dark and harsh as it came out of her tiny mouth. “Welcome, friends. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Dean had his gun pointed at the girl. Cass had a silver blade in one hand. It was an angel killer. It killed anything and sent it to nothing. Never to regain a body again – angel or demon. It did destroyed the soul. So a human was just gone forever too.

Alec’s bow was pointed at the demon but he hadn’t pulled an arrow from his still hidden quiver. The only person who wasn’t ready to fight was Magnus, but by the way he stood he was just as ready to fight the little girl as the others. Maybe I was the only one who didn’t react.

“A strange time.” The voice echoed in the alley way. The girl looked back to see a shadowed man walking towards her. A demon.

A demon wearing a Sam suit. Sam was Dean’s brother and it was odd seeing yellow eyes staring back at us. It would have been one thing to see yellow eyes from anyone, but to a character I had watched over and over again. Sam spoke again when he was bathed in the light of the sun. “Shadowhunters, and the fake Men of Letters.” He looked at me. “And a fake Venatori. Interesting. Tell me brother warlock why do you join these creatures.”

Magnus didn’t have a chance to answer as Dean stepped forward and tried to make a bargain. “Let my brother go and we’ll let you live.”

Alec looked at Dean, “You know that’s not going to work, right?”

Dean looked at Alec with a smirk, “I know that, but I it’s worth a shot.”

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