The Bait

The problem was who was going to be the bait. Or what would lure the demon Azazel to them. So back to the internet looking up lore about Azazel was next on the agenda. Dean and Cass came down stairs with me while Alec and Magnus finished the spell, potion, whatever the hell you wanted to call it. I really didn’t know it was kinda all those things.

I liked Dean and Cass. But there were two very men oriented men in Nox’s kitchen and I would have rather looked at them then hid my feelings in front of two very straight characters. Dean watched me as I did the normal search thing. It was like someone burrowing a hole in the back of my head. His green gaze like a laser. I shivered a time or two and had to focus on my work. But searching the internet didn’t take any skill, Dean or Cass could have done it – well maybe not Cass. But certainly Dean.

I eventually found a little lore on the demon. And a quick search through the dark web I found a place that sold goats for sacrifice. What the fuck, we were going to summon a demon with two fucking goats to my house. Black magic, voodoo. I didn’t believe any of it but Dean had pushed me out of the way when he saw the ritual. He said they’d done similar things.

I was more than willing to let him do his thing. I wasn’t a demon hunter. I wasn’t any kinda hunter. The worse I ever did was shoot some stupid kid with a paint ball gun. Or Dev! I liked playing with Dev it was a challenge.

So Dean and Cass left again, this time to get goats. Goat! What the fuck.

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