The First Vestige

Whelp, yesterday posted the last of the First Vestige. AJ is plotting out the Evolution of Power. The last book in the Ascendant Arc. I’m pushing for a couple of big changes. AJ said she’d look at rearranging things to better suit things. Right now my I have a few pretty main characters that are pretty 2D. AJ hates it and feels like it’s being forced. So once this is done, AJ plans to do an in depth character analysis of Dev, Sage, Dee, Ant and Jace I think. Jace is pretty nonexistent for being my best friend.

I want to see them more in my life, more of an influence with Dorian and Dae’lin too. AJ’s considering throwing in a few third person povs into my first person povs. Not everyone’s, but a few. Important key observations. You might see some of that later.

But for now enjoy what remains of Sage’s Dream. I’ll be keeping you entertained with various snippets of things. But there are no stories pending at the moment.

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