Dean’s Story

Dean started talking with his mouth full and no one could understand him. Cass interrupted him, “We can’t understand you.”

Dean glared at his friend and then finished chewing and swallowed. He took a long swig of his milk leaving behind a cute white mustache which he wiped away with the back of his hand.

“I said… Sam and I were hunting a demon. He was killing people in a small down outside of Topeka, Kansas. Sam and I separated and the next time I saw him Sam had yellow eyes of a Prince of Hell and he ran off towards New York. I came through the tunnel and found Sam in an underground parking garage not far from where I found him.” He pointed at me with his fork.

“But what I’d been tracking was my brothers phone on that thing he killed. It wasn’t a boy, it wasn’t a wolf, I know what a werewolf is. It disintegrated like that crawling thing,”

Alec interrupted Dean, “Demon.”

Dean continued with a glare at the shadow hunter sitting across from him, “you were chasing through that big purple hole in the sky.”

Magnus added, “That was a portal.”

Cass added, “Dean called me and I came.”

Alec chuckled. “That’s all, like a good little puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy. I’m an angel.” Cass said. “Dean prayed and I came. Isn’t that how it works for you.”

Alec blushed but shook his head. “I’m no one’s bitch.” He bit back with a little snark.

Magnus’s hand was on Alec’s soothing his ruffled feathers. “No one said you were, Alexander. He only meant that you were like him.”

“I’m not like him. I’m not an angel.”

“You are partially.” Magnus said. “Angel blood runs through you.”

Castiel smiled at Alec, it was almost as disconcerting as when he was harsh, “You are kin, but very foreign to me. I can feel your power, but you aren’t here.” He tapped his temple.

Dean groaned, “Can we just leave all this mumbo-jumbo for later, we need to find Sam. That.” Dean looked at Alec, “Demon Mr. Fireball here killed can’t help us find him, we need some other lead.”

Alec shrugged, “We can go back to the Institute and get more intel, but I don’t think you have one here so we’ll have to go home and find what else we can there.”

Magnus frowned, “We can’t go back just yet.”

Alec looked at Magnus with concern, “Did it drain that much magic?”

Magnus shook his head. “Magic works differently here. It’s taking longer to recharge. We’ll tell you our side, as soon as I get some coffee.”

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