What’s Next

Dean came down stairs with heavy footsteps. If everyone else hadn’t already been awake he’d have woken them up. He stumbled into the kitchen. “I smell bacon.”

Alec pushed a plate across the island towards Dean but he didn’t say anything.

“You cook?” Dean asked.

Alec shrugged. Magnus chuckled. “He makes breakfast otherwise I transport breakfast from Paris or Belgium or some fantastical place and he disapproves of it.”

Dean shook his head. “I can’t…” He looked at the coffee pot and started searching cabinets for a cup. Alec grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back in the direction of his seat and pulled a coffee mug from the cabinet above the machine and poured Dean coffee and made it the same way he’d taken it at the diner. Alec was observant.

Dean had two cups of coffee and polished off all the left over food. Somewhere in the middle of his eating he said, “Cass disappeared last night.” But he didn’t sound worried, like it was something that happened all the time. But when the last cup of coffee was drained he asked, “I figured we’d go start where that demon popped into Central Park and see what signs we can pick up.”

Alec sighed, “It didn’t have any signs. It’s dead now, nothing left. It might have been heading somewhere, but we were chasing it so I doubt it was going any place important. It wasn’t a stupid demon.”

Magnus sighed, “Unfortunate for us.”

“Why are we leaving it to chance? If there are more demons we can pin point errant activity?” I said. It’s like they forgot why I said we’d come here. Maybe they had.

I stood up, “Come on down to my office, we can narrow the search down at least before you all go hunting monsters in the City.”

Magnus was the only one who followed me straight out of the kitchen down stairs. The other two were staring each other down trying to size each other up I think. Both born leaders and they were going to butt heads.

Magnus put his hand on my shoulder when we reached the bottom of the stairs, “You handled that well.”

I smiled at the glittery one and nodded. “I’m just doing what I do.”

“Hacking.” Magnus said.

I grinned at him. “Yep.”

The other two came down the stairs, Dean a little less clunky that previously. I was sitting down at my computer by the time their feet hit the concrete floor covered in a short plush carpet. Both upstairs had hardwood, but down here it was cold and hardwood floors would only make it colder. I started tapping away at my keyboard and three side screens lit up with police activity. The software wasn’t great, but I could pin point current calls with ease and I could back track a few days with the caches that were built up over time, but after that I’d have to actually hit their servers hard and they don’t like that. So I was trying to just stick to the outskirts of their system so I wasn’t detected.

I wasn’t exactly allowed to do this. But I had access. Access that I had illegally added, but when I had full access via the Venatori when I helped Nox find the Dragon with Trix, I created a backdoor so I could get in again. I figured Nox would need it then. Didn’t know I’d be dreaming about using it. I wondered if they would detect me using it.

But as I let my mind drift into the task things started to get bright, sounds got louder, smells got stronger and I soon realized I was losing control of the gifts I was given. My gift was free wheeling through the internet. I knew it now. I could feel it thanks to the training Jack had given me and Adam. But Nox’s power weren’t behaving now.

I clutched my head as the sound of the computer humming as it did it work started to grate on my last nerve. Dean’s cologne was strong and I felt like retching. But I couldn’t see to even try to make it into a waste basket.

I felt hands at the base of my neck rubbing the now tense muscles. Magnus’ voice was soothing, “You okay?”

I shook my head. But it was all I could do. I stared at the floor, focused on one strand and only that one strand until everything became clear again. I looked up and I saw Alec putting out a fire with fire proofed blanket. A rune was glowing predominately on top of one of the blanket I’d slept with last night.

Dean asked, “You trying to kill us all now?”

Alec chuckled. “He’s doing a shit job of it if he is.”

Magnus was kneeling down in front of me gazing up over his shoulder at his boyfriend who was cracking jokes. He turned his head and glitter scattered over my jeans. “I think he lost control?”

I took a deep breathe and then sighed. “I was using my ability – helping us and I let it go, the control, it doesn’t need to be controlled to do what I want it to it’s part of my mind. But Nox’s it went too. I didn’t think I was holding that control so tight, I didn’t even realize I let it go.” Nox is always going on about control. Everything is finely control about his life. His schedule, his routine, his food, his workouts. Did he have to control this all the time? Every single moment? To keep from blowing up?

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