Magnus got his coffee, he took it with cream and sugar like I did. Alec didn’t drink it at all. Dean’s was black and Cass had only sugar. I didn’t have any either, it was late and I didn’t want to be up all night. Caffeine ran through my system like anything but I’d had enough throughout the day to do me well. I was still running on a high anyway with meeting some of my heroes.

Magnus took a sip of his coffee and savored the flavor. “Not quite as good as Paris, but close.”

I grumbled at the word and Alec looked at me with questioning eyes. “I don’t want to talk about it.” I said.

Alec shrugged and looked to Dean sitting across from him. “There have been a series of demon attacks and possessions in New York. They’ve been mostly killing homeless people so the mundane weren’t overly concerned with the losses.”

Magnus took up where Alec finished, “The Institute enlisted my help, the magic being used to conceal these demons was odd. And I see why now, it came from here.”

“Magnus and I have been following the demon you killed through all of New York until it opened a portal and skittered through. We followed it. And it met up with a second one. We didn’t want to get separated in a strange city so we followed one. The second one must have been what you were following and portaled you here.” Alec pointed to Dean. “The one we were following portaled but it was too small so Magnus had to use his magic to keep it open so we could follow. We chased it here and you killed it. “

Magnus said, “We believe these particular demons are Azazel’s minions.”

Dean groaned. “Just our luck. We killed him in our world already, ain’t you done that yet?”

Alec grinned at Dean, “Demons don’t die, they get sent back to their plane of existence to come at us again and again. You have to kill their body on that plane to truly kill it. And we’ve had our fill of Demon planes for one lifetime.”

Both Alec and Magnus shuddered and I covered my ears, “I haven’t finished the books.”

Dean laughed. “Spoilers, tell him everything.”

I asked, “So what’s next?”

Alec said, “Not much we can do until we have a lead. Who kills demons in your world?”

I sighed. “My boyfriend does, but he’s in Europe at the moment hunting fucking vampires.”

Magnus paled, “Why is he hunting vampires?”

“I don’t know, one of them is starting a war or something. I didn’t exactly pay attention after he said he was leaving to hunt vampires.”

The color returned to Magnus’ face as I said Nox wasn’t hunting vampires just to hunt vampires. It must be a relief. He asked, “You have powers, why can’t you help us? You know the City? You’ve already killed two demons.”

“I’m a hacker. These aren’t even my powers. I have no idea what the fuck is going on and why I have Nox’s powers.”

Alec asked, “Your boyfriend?”

I nodded, “Yeah.”

Dean grunted. “He said he has another boyfriend and a girlfriend too. Not that I believe him.”

I pulled out my phone and showed Dean a picture of the four of us. We were all lying in bed after waking up. Nox was lounging over top of the three of us fully dressed as usual his hair perfectly done, his make up on and the rest of us were all disheveled. I’d taken the picture because it was the first night we had spent at home after Nox left the Venatori.

Dean asked, “Why’s he not all bed ridden like you three?”

I turned the picture Alec and Magnus and Alec smiled, “He’s been up for hours.”

“How did you know?” I asked.

“I do the same thing. He hunts monsters for a living doesn’t he?” Alec said.

Magnus was rolling his eyes. “He probably already had a workout, took a shower and was making breakfast?”

I nodded, “He was coming up stairs to tell us it was time to eat, and if we didn’t get up soon the boys would eat everything.”

Dean asked, “How does that even work?”

I shrugged. “It doesn’t most days, but we are working on it.”

“Why?” Cass asked.

“Because we love each other. It started out differently, but Nox kinda pulls you in once you meet him.”

“Sounds like a charmer.” Magnus said, “I’d like to meet him.”

I sighed. “Everyone says that. But he’s in Europe, no chance in that.”

Magnus just laughed. I forgot he could portal anywhere he wanted. Just like Ant flipping form place to place in the shadows. I wondered how all that worked.

I changed the subject, “So what’s next? I can get you police scanners and things, maybe the demons are leaving a trail?”

Magnus yawned. “Sleep first. Demon hunting later.” He looked at me. “Where is the best place to stay here?”

“You can stay at my house. The boys are at Nox’s new place with vampire protection and their rooms are vacant at the moment. There are enough beds and probably left overs in my fridge.” There were always leftovers in my fridge, Nox made too much food on purpose – so I’d have something to eat for lunch or if we had unexpected guests. And the food never lasted more than a day or so anyway, we always had people eating at our house. My house… I sighed.

Dean nodded, “A soft free bed sound great to me.”

And just like that Alec, Magnus, Dean and Cass were all staying at my house.

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