You’re A Character

You are a Character

Dean’s green eyes stared at me. It was odd seeing those eyes staring back at me. I was used to a pair of brown ones piercing through me with such intensity, even Dee’s eyes weren’t this color. I wasn’t sure he heard me and I opened my mouth but he held up his index finger of his gun free hand and shushed me. I could see the thoughts turning in his brain. Almost literally. It wasn’t my ability, I could never see when others were thinking so hard.

Dean must have figured out whatever it was he was considering and lowered his gun and put it away. “All right, so…” He stood straighter. “The story as it goes. My brother.”

I interrupted, “Sam.”

And he threw his arms down in a rash motion and took a few steps forward, “How the fuck do you know all this shit?” He glared at me, “You aren’t one of them are you?”

I couldn’t help but laughing. “One of them?” I asked through the tears of my laughter.

“Fans, supernaturalists, I don’t know what the fuck they are called.” Dean sighed, “Those super fans that have read all of Chuck’s books.”

I shook my head. “No. I’ve not read the books… “ I laughed again. “I’ve seen ever episode of your show a few times.”

Dean did a double take, “Say what?”

I sat down on the cold hard and damp grass because I was laughing so hard. “You are a character in one my favorite TV shows.”

Dean rolled his eyes and sighed. “Get the fuck up and take me someplace that sells pie. It’s going to be a long night.”

I collected myself but I really couldn’t help the fan boying I was doing now. It was Dean Winchester and I was going to lunch with him. Yeah I know dream but who the fuck dreams they have magical super powers and meets famous people?

And that was when everything hit me like a truck. Magical Super Powers. Who could throw fire balls at the flick of a wrist? Who claimed to see things that weren’t there? Who the fuck could hear me from across the room or could smell me before I even entered the room. Nox that’s who the fuck. What was I doing with Nox’s powers? I didn’t want to be like him. He was a fucked up freak – by his own admission not my words.

I blinked and instead of finding Dean staring at me wondering what the fuck was going on, a man in a brown trench coat stood with him. I heard him say. “There you are, Dean. I’ve been looking all over for you.”

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