Bonnie’s Diner

Bonnie’s Diner was a great little place. I hadn’t really been there much since having Nox living with me. I used to go two or three times a week for Breakfast. It was my top breakfast place. The quaint old fashioned dinner feel was unique in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

The door chimed as we walked in the plate glass door. The red pleather bar stools greeted us on top of black and white tiled floors. The counters for silver and white and it really looked like you’d been thrown back in time. It was one of my favorite places to eat.

I waved them over to our unusual table – Nox and I had the same table we liked to sit at, it was in the back corner near the kitchen. It was the most private booth. I liked it because I could bring my laptop and work and Nox used it to study back in the day with books sprawled across the table. I pulled over a chair and sat down at the end of the table. Unless we wanted to sit at the bar this was the only way it was going to work, there were no movable tables and no tables big enough for five.

Cass slide into the one side and Dean followed him, Magnus sat down and Alec sat on the edge of his seat. He didn’t look remotely comfortable. I looked around but I didn’t see his bow. Alec smiled at me knowing exactly what I was thinking. Magnus touched Alec’s arm and Alec looked over his shoulder at the warlock. A warlock who was half demon who was dating someone who was half angel. And I thought my life was messed up. Magnus pointed at something on the menu and Alec nodded. “Whatever you want.”

“For you, Alexander?” Magnus shook his head.

“Yeah, whatever, I’m not really hungry.”

“That’s what you always say then you eat half of my plate.” Magnus teased.

Color rose in Alec’s cheeks and the look he gave Magnus was pleading him to stop which only made Magnus chuckle and say, “You are too cute.”

I agreed, “He is.” I could feel the heat in my neck at my own admission and Alec turned to look at me.

“Is that what I look like?”

Magnus nodded his head furiously, a stray strand flopped on to his forehead and Alec reached back and flicked it back in place with loving care.

“Ain’t this all a love fest, where is the waitress?” Dean asked in his gruff no-none-sense voice.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Giving you time to order.”

Just then Bonnie strolled out of the kitchen carrying a tray full of things we hadn’t ordered yet. In front of me she placed my usual breakfast.

Dean’s breakfast consisted of a small pile of eggs, with two servings of bacon, a steak, and three sausage links. He called it a “heartattack” when he described it. Cass had a stack of fluffy pancakes, but no icecream – Dev would be disappointed.

Magnus and Alec both had a standard plate of eggs bacon and toast, with an extra side of bacon they split between each other. It was endearing.

We were here to talk about demons, but everyone was more interested in their food. And then I wondered why I was here. Why did I care about demons? I wasn’t Nox. I didn’t help people. I was the opposite of that. I didn’t hurt people, but I still took things that weren’t mine to take. That was what got me in trouble, and what I still did to some degree today. I had never felt guilty about it until I met Nox.

He was do good all the time, never did anything bad. It was always about someone else, he never did anything for himself. Except leave the Venatori and he was miserable – or so Dev said. He always seemed happy. Always ready to go, up for the challenge. I did have to admit he was a grouch more often then not, but I assumed that was how he always was when I wasn’t around. I mean he didn’t have friends, other than Jace, who I still hadn’t really met yet. His supposed best friend.

I looked up and everyone was still hammering away at their own food. “So who wants to go first and tell their side of the story?” I asked. I was curious about why these two unique characters had entered my dreams other than the fact that I knew Dev was fueling it, there was no way I was this self aware in real life. And no way I would ever meet these characters – sure the actors but never Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Castiel and Dean Winchester. No way that was possible.

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  1. “Ain’t this all a love fest, where is the waitress?” Dean asked in his gruff no-none-sense voice.” He should just be really glad that Nox wasn’t there too. Dean would have to leave the table. :lol:

    “Cass had a stack of fluffy pancakes..” head nodding He totally would, for some reason. :lol:

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