Demon Tracking

It wasn’t really a long ride, and we probably could have walked too, but it was quite the ways, though, if we’d started where the demon had portaled into Central park we were heading in the same general direction. Something Alec seemed to note but didn’t say anything, though I heard him whisper to Alec, “It was a dump demon.”

Magnus chuckled and wrapped his arm around Alec’s waist as we walked. They were cute.

Once we were in the alley behind the building that looked to be the epic center of activity a crash of falling trash alerted us to a presences. Alec was the only one of us who didn’t have their weapon trained at the noise in a blink. Even I had a fireball sitting and waiting and I wasn’t even sure how I managed to call it. But again it was a dream I didn’t need to understand that, I could just imagine a piano falling comically on the head of the creature who was about to reveal itself.

But it wasn’t a creature, it was Castiel who walked out of the shadows and the pile of junk dusting off his duster and sneering at the ick that was now on his coat. “This place is different from ours. I keep landing in odd places.”

“Maybe you should try walking then.” I grinned at him. “Or you might find your pretty little ass stuck in a wall or something.”

“You think my ass is pretty?” Cass asked and I felt the heat rising to my cheeks. Fuck! I turned around and didn’t acknowledge the comment.

Alec whispered, “I don’t do that do I?”

Which only made Magnus hug his boyfriend, “It’s just as endearing.”

I tried to ignore their conversation. But I could hear every word even though they were whispering to each other feat away.

Dean looked over at them, “Come on love birds let’s get inside and start hunting some demon bastards.”

Alec pressed a kiss to Magnus’ lips and then turned in a quick motion – all back to business despite the private conversation they had been having. His cheeks were tinged pink but he kept moving as he pulled out a little box. “This tracks demons. If there are demons in the area it’ll lead us to them.”

Dean asked, “Wait a minute. You’ve had this thing all along and you are just now telling us about it?”

Alec rolled his eyes and muttered, “Mundane.” But Dean didn’t hear and their stand off was just as it had been each time something came up that someone had to make a decision. Alec nodded. “It isn’t a long range sensor, it can’t find it, we have to know there is a trail to follow or it won’t work.”

Dean still glared at Alec even as Alec followed the blinking thing whatever it was that was tracking the creatures as he pushed past Dean.

I walked next to Dean while Cass followed us and Magnus was trailing after Alec in front of us. “You’ve told us all about your car full of voodoo have you?”

Dean looked at me and nodded, “All right. It’s not doing us any good is it.”

I shook my head. “Nope. We are all on the same side.” And we all followed in Alec’s wake and I tried not to check him out but it wasn’t really working. I couldn’t help but notice the way he walked. I was so glad Dev wasn’t here to read my thoughts.

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