Looking At Me

I finally got my head around Nox’s power again. But there were so many questions and Nox wasn’t here. It was my dream. Was this really how it happened? For some reason I knew it was. How did Dev know this is what it was like? Did Nox think it all the time? I was going to go crazy thinking about this.

My computer spoke in it’s computerized voice of Margott Robbie as her new role Harley Quinn, “Correlation made.”

I looked up at the three monitors above my main one and there were red dots, and blue dots and there were a few green dots. “The red dots are sightings of things that were causing havoc.”

Alec stepped closer and I felt his leg against my body as he reached out to touch the screen. “These green ones?”

“Missing persons for the last few weeks.”

Dean asked, “And the blue ones?”

I looked up and frowned, “Those are officer down.” I turned to my computer and looked at the criteria again. Why did I have officer down. I wish I could just ask the computer and it would tell me, but I wasn’t Tony Stark and this wasn’t some movie. Hell this still wasn’t even real life it was a dream and I was talking to fictional characters.

I flopped back in my chair and it rolled backwards a few feet. What’s the point?

Alec pointed at a building, “I think we need to check up here.”

Dean was shaking his head, “Officer down could be anything. I say we look at the missing persons cluster.”

Alec and Dean both looked at me. “What?” I asked. I had found their next lead why did they need me to tell them what to do next.

Magnus chuckled. “Why did the officers down come up with this particular set of parameters?”’

I sat back up and started looking at the information supplied to the screens. “Because they were all calls to weird noises and sightings.”

Alec nodded, “Demons.”

Dean nodded but I could see that it was a little grudgingly. “Agreed. But those innocents need to be found.”

Alec frowned, “They are likely dead already.”

“Still.” Dean said.

“We’ll do our best.” He looked at Magnus, “Can you make a portal close to the epicenter of that cluster?”

I rolled my eyes, “A portal is going go draw attention, there’s a subway station right there, we can catch the train.” And just like that I had agreed to ride into Harlem to hunt demons in vampire territory.

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