Exorcism Required

I was grateful that no one could read my thoughts. I found a lot of black magic sites, but even I knew to stay away from them. So it took me to find something I thought might work while Dean, Cass and Alec argued about the best method to disspell a demon from a body. I felt Magnus hovering. I looked up behind me and he smiled. He pointed at the spell I was looking at with a black finger nail and rings covering almost every finger. “That one. We could find all of that easily enough. Assuming that it’s in your world it should be here. I can concoct it.”

I turned in my chair and watched Alec and Dean arguing. It was like watching Nox fight with himself. Both made valid points. I wondered how Nox would get along with them. Would he let them argue. He’d be smirking, but would he take charge with someone else chomping at the bit to take charge? I could see our submissive leader falling into the background. But then I’d seen him stand up to his father before. And Dae’lin. No Nox wouldn’t slack in his work. He was too arrogant to do that.

I cleared my throat. And nothing happened. I didn’t expect they’d stop their arguing for me. Magnus was about to interrupt, but I held up my hand with a smile. I’d seen Nox do it before. Though I’d not actually seen it seen it. He snapped his fingers and there was a loud sound. I tried calling upon his power. I knew it didn’t work like that, but I saw the patterns form or what I imagined it looked like for Nox and the sound it made wasn’t as loud as his could be. But it got their attention. A pair of blue eyes and green flipped to me. Cass was looking all around for the sound.

“We have a spell we can cast that supposedly will dispell a price of hell from a body.” I said.

Alec’s eyes grew wider. “Really?”

Dean clamored over and nearly knocked me out of my chair, “Sorry, man.” He read the list and then looked at me, “So how much of this do you have on hand?”

“On hand?” I asked. “You seriously think we keep eye of newt and this…” I pointed to a word I didn’t even know how to pronounce, “on hand. I don’t even know what it is.”

Magnus said, “It would be easy if we were in our world. I don’t have contacts here. Does your Nox?”

I shrugged. “He doesn’t talk about magic like that.”

Dean sighed. “I have holy water and salt. But the other things I don’t have.”

Magnus and Dean debated about where they might get some of the stuff. Alec looked at me with a grin. “It’ll be black market items.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I already sent a search out looking for the needed items.”

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