My Lovers

Work flew by. I was so busy I hadn’t eaten all day and when I smelled food upstairs I stopped and my heart fluttered. Nox was home. And then I remembered he wasn’t. But by the time I had remembered that I was upstairs already. Dee was cooking at my stove like Nox used to do. I sighed and she turned around to look at me. “I figured with Nox gone, I could cook for you.”

I kissed her. “Why don’t we go out?”

Dee smiled. “See, this is why I love you. Of all our boys, you are the practical one.” She kissed me longer and harder than I had kissed her. Her tongue sliding past my lips until our tongues danced with each other.

Dee asked, “Where are the boys?”

I glanced at the clock on the wall and frowned, “They aren’t home?” That’s when the memory of Ant shadow walking into my basement jumped out at me. “Fuck!” I sighed. “They went with Ant.”

Dee looked at me, “So we are alone?”

There was a third voice in the hall, “Well not completely alone.”

Dee shrieked and ran towards the door and draped her arms around Dev’s neck. Their kiss was as hot and wet as ours had been and I was getting more than turned on by watching them. I could feel the heat creeping up my neck and cheeks but I didn’t stop watching. I loved watching my lovers together. It was the reason I had more than one now. Nox had changed my world and I had told him I was done. But everyone was acting like nothing had changed.

Dev came around with Dee under his arm and he pressed a soft kiss to my lips. A shiver went through my body and it took all the power I could muster not to grab him and take them both upstairs.

Dev broke the kiss and smirked at me. Fuck! He heard.

My face grew hotter and Dev chuckled. “You are too cute.” He pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I have a favor to ask you both. I want to try something, we all need to talk and Nox is away and…”

Before Dev could say anymore Dee was pulling away. “He walked out, Dev. He doesn’t want to be here with us.”

Dev sighed. “Yes he does. He just needs to find what’s missing. He’s not like me and you and Sage. He lived an exciting life before this. Now he does chores and cooks and lives a mundane life.”

“We aren’t enough for him.” I said.

Dev shook his head. “We are. But Sage, tell me this. If you had to stop touching a computer for the rest of your life would you be happy?”

I knew the answer was no, I’d be miserable, but that wasn’t what came out of my mouth, “It’s not the same. And a computer isn’t dangerous.”

Dev laughed, “In your hands it is.” He sighed. “We have to let him to do this. Please come with me.”

There was a singular thought in my head when I sat down on the couch with those two and it had nothing to do with what we were talking about. I just wanted to sleep. And the moment I sat down my body got heavy, my eyes closes and I drifted to sleep with such ease I must have been exhausted.

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