Fortune is Family

For years the thing I wanted most was family. What I needed most was family. But I neither got what I wanted, nor did I realize it was truly in my power to do something about it. Jace has always been like a brother to me. He was my tie to life when we were [...]

Human Side of the Family

I was still processing the fact that Margo was a dragon and that I had a twin sister who she had killed. I was still processing the idea that I was considered powerful by the dragon's council. That fact alone would send anyone reeling. I however was grateful that Dorian had made me stay away [...]

Before the Storm – Lunch Date

After I got a few doors away from her office, I pulled out my phone and I looked at the last message Sage had sent. Mysterious blue-eyed boy 646-555-2915 Sat, 06/23/2015 Maybe. Soon. :) 11:45 AM I smiled. But here I was flirting with a guy when I had to deal with making an heir. [...]

In Love

Write about how a person can tell if they’re really in love. If you don’t know, write about how you don’t know. I have never been in love. Well not before Sage anyway. And in present timeline I've still not fallen in love - I'm falling though. How did I know I was falling for [...]


I wish I had saved yesterday's post for today's topic. It fit very well here and not so off topic as yesterday. Life gets overwhelming at times. As you begin to read "The Last Phoenix" you'll see a few of my coping mechanisms. You'll see the people who help me cope. But you'll learn as [...]


If you go back to last year you'll notice a different love interest in my life. Namely Dorian Vega. Dorian has gone through many iterations. Even more so than me. He's always been older than me. He's always watched me grow up. This dynamic gave some people issues since Dorian is essentially my father figure. [...]