Guess what starts today? Is it really a mystery? NaNoWriMo. AJ has double the incentive to hit 50K and achieve lots of words. AJ’s daughter is doing NaNo. She’s talking smack! Says that she can beat AJ in word count. They have a friendly wager of $5. AJ wanted to do $10 but kiddo only has $5.

And honestly, AJ’s a little worried. The kid has a week off of school and doesn’t have other things going on. But AJ types faster. So there is that. AJ knocked out 3.5K words from 4:30 to 7am. AJ could have gotten another 30 mins of writing in, but AJ promised to go to the store early for discounted Halloween candy. That done and now AJ can work then lunch write!

AJ has three of those 5 days off too so it’s not too bad.

But Today I’ve got the first post of And with Great Power posting at noon (EST or CST I forget what timezone I’ve got set).

And Dabble by the way is completely awesome. AJ’s word count is precise, no more forgetting to log it. It’s automatically updated when it syncs to the cloud. So completely AWESOME!!!! AJ loves it.

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