Down Hill

I opened the door and he stepped through. I had to admit he was definitely a good notch to have on my belt. I wondered how many different ways I could fuck him before I got tired of his neediness.

He saluted the statue which I found odd, but he was happy so I said nothing. But I knew the moment he stepped foot in the elevator things were going to go down hill., “How many floors is it to your room?” I asked. Fuck I didn’t want to walk them all but it might be better than the alternative.

“Too many to walk with groceries.” He said it, and I took offense to it immediately

“I doubt that. I bet you take the stairs two or three times a day. How many floors?” I asked again. If he could do it I could do it!

I sighed and relented, “47 flights of stairs.”

I blinked at the thought of doing stairs that many times a day. I took his hand and checked out his ass again. “No wonder you have such a hot ass.”

“Holy fuck, he blushes.” His face lit up even more than before and he was checking his bottom lip. Fuck that was hot. “Is that going to be a thing now?”

He shook his head, “No, you just called attention to it, which makes it worse.”

I wrapped my arms around him then said, “We can take the stairs until I get tired, then I’ll have to ask for the elevator.”

He denied me, “We can take the service elevator, I don’t freak out quite so bad there.”

“Why’s that?” I asked a little confused.

“Cause I can’t see the ground getting farther or closer.”

Ah! I grinned. “To the service elevator then.”

If we were dating, I’d probably have done more than press my body against his in the elevator, but I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the sudden change in our relationship much less how he felt about public displays of affection. “Just in case.” But I knew he didn’t mind too much, he did fuck girls on the dance floor after all. But there had never been any cases of him with other men in public.

Nox was leaning against me and he tensed. “Fuck!” He wanted more but I smelled like fucking Janice. Well more like Lindsay and Jared, but I showered… Fuck, was right.

“I can take another shower if you think it’ll help.” I said, but the doors opened and we were outside and he hadn’t answered. I tried to get my bearings. “How the fuck do you find your way around this place?”

“You get used to it. Just think about my room and the door will glow, and if you get lost the doors will point the way.” He pointed at the doors to our right and I noticed the slight shift in colors leading me in one direction. Fuck, that was convenient.

“Still, I don’t know how you do it. What about your human friends?” But what did everyone else see? I could see things others couldn’t.

“Mia and Jace see what they expect to see. The human eyes are trained to see what they expect. They don’t see what they don’t believe in.”

“You mean magic?”

He shrugged. “I guess, but there are people who are attuned to the occult, and see the magic of your world.”

“Why do I?”

“Because you’re a path. Your brain is wired differently and you can see the truth of thing.”

“I’m nothing special.” I intoned.

Nox gave me that award winning smile again. He loved to flash it. “You are special, even if you don’t feel that much different from anyone else. I mean you can hear someone else’s thoughts. You don’t think that’s special?”

So says the kettle! “Looks who’s talking?”

“I’m not special in my world. I’m just like everyone else except not as good as they are. I’m special in your world because I can do unfathomable things, but here, I’m just another grunt doing the work.” There was that self deprecating attitude.

“So I’m special you aren’t?” He was an idiot sometimes. I only wished I could tell him that without worrying about setting him on the road to a break down again. So I made light of the whole thing. “I can live with that.”

“Me too.” He said. The door to our right started blinking furiously. “Touch the door.” He commanded.

I liked the tone in his voice, went straight to my cock, “Sounds kinda kinky.”

He laughed. “Please?” And it was gone, begging and asking permission again.

“Ah, fuck! Don’t say it like that.” I didn’t want a sub but I did as he pleaded and the door swung wide at my touch. “What the fuck?”

“It’s attuned to you.”

How? More importantly why? “Why? You barely know me I could walk in now, steal your stuff and walk out and you’d never know.”

“I’d know when the things were missing and I’d know who did it. The runes can be read and understood and keep records of things.”

“But there are no cameras?” I said looking around. Well there were none outside his room, there was

“It’s dna encoded, or magic or something, but it uses something very specific to you to open for you.” I walked inside and the door closed behind us.

I looked around and saw the distinct lack of the ugly cat he dotted on. “Where’s your cat?”

He shrugged. “Dunno, she’ll show up around dinner time. The door is attuned to Fee too. She can come and go as she pleases. She just has to walk by it and it’ll open for her then close behind her.”

“Handy. Where do you want me to put this?” I lifted the bags so he knew what I was talking about.

“Find a place. I usually keep the wine in the fridge.”

“I could leave it here on the counter so it looked like you were a lush.” I teased.

“And then my father might drink it all and you’d not have anything to drink when you came over.” he taunted back.

“Just blame it on your Dad.” I said. His thoughts got skittish again and while he was thinking about me running, I hadn’t been thinking it until it started in again. I could easily just bolt. But I really wanted those pancakes.

I shook my head trying to clear his thoughts from my mind. “I’m going to grab a shower, see if I can’t make you feel a little more comfortable.” I needed something that didn’t smell like everyone else, his clothes were the only thing I had. But I stopped short and looked at him to ask, “I’m going to borrow a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.”

“Borrow whatever you want.” He was grinning so I opened the first drawer. I did it slowly so he’d think about where things were and I got exactly what I needed from him.

But I played it off like I was afraid of what I might find. “You think I have some red lingerie in there or something?”

I laughed. He said it not me. I got the distinct feeling that the idea was very far fetched – no women’s lingerie for him. I grabbed a shirt from the front of the row of t-shirts. Everything was rolled in a nice neat bundle ordered with a gap at the back. He was anal about a lot of things that was clear. “Reading my mind are you?” He asked.

“You are an open book. I’m truly amazed at what just sits on top. I don’t even have to dig for those deep dark secrets.” But he had one, I looked up to make my point, “Making your own porns?”

He shook his head “No. But…”, he paused to sigh before he continued, “I’m sure Sage has kept some of the things he’s seen on it.”

“What?” His fucking friend watched him. Watched him do what?

“The camera was installed to see if we could catch anything on video while I went through my nightmares. Sage hacked it the first time he was here after i installed it. We had an arrangement.”

My anger at the thought that his friend abused their relationship clouded the reason. I didn’t fucking care. “You let him what, watch you get fucked?”

“I’ve never brought anyone home until you. You are the first person other than my friends to walk in this door.” He confessed.

“What about your fucking vampire prince? He’s been here.” I was furious, more at myself for feeling this way at all, but he had a fucking camera pointed at his bed for his fucking friend to watch. Him and his fucking vampire friend.

“I’ve never had sex with Ant. Not once, not ever. There was a time, a very short time in which it might have happened, but I didn’t go through with it.”

“Why not?” I growled.

He did it again. His eyes dropped, and I stalked towards him as he spoke but didn’t look at me. “Because I was in love with someone else.” Just fucking great! I wondered what fucking person he was in love with. Obviously I meant shit to hime. He continued oblivious to my fury. “It’s not Ant’s fault his bite is intoxicating. And it’s not my fault the power is like bacon to vampires.”

I was confused… bacon? What the fuck?

He continued almost pleading with me, “But I never had sex with him. We are close but it’s not romantic, or sexual even if it looks that way on the outside. I already told you I have a desire, a need to touch and Ant isn’t shy and… ” And he shut up. But his mind rolled into a chaos I couldn’t decypher. He started putting away all the groceries.

I hadn’t made it far before his words had stopped me. A step or two was all I had managed. Now he was looking at me again. “If the camera is a big deal.”

He reached out his hand and then the camera was smashed to tiny bits floating in the air above my head. “We never see anything on it anyway.” He said it like a confession. Like it was something he had been meaning to do for a while now. Someone saw something on it. He’d just told me his fucking friend watched him with their fucking arrangement.

He discarded the broken camera in the garbage bin and then looked at me with tears shining in his eyes, “Are you staying for pancakes?”

“I think I should go.” I set the shirt and shorts on the top of the dresser and looked at him. “I’ve lost my appetite and I just keep setting you off.”

“No. Don’t go.” He whined. His mouth clicked close quickly and he took a deep breath while his mind churned at a million miles an hour.. “Whatever you need to do Alex.” he said with no hope in it.

“If I stay I’m only going to make you worse. And I know you have an important case and I’m just a distraction.”

He sighed and turned around, I couldn’t read him as he spoke. “If you leave I’m just going to curl up in bed and do nothing anyway.” I caught glimpses of his friend in his mind. And my anger grew but he was putting everything away. He expected me to leave. He didn’t want me to go. He was such a mess I should go, leave him to his thoughts and his fucking vampire prince.

The door opened and a small feline waltzed in past my feet and jumped up on to the counter. The door closed behind her with a small slick and Nox lost it. That fine shred of control he’d had, that last shred of sanity splintered and fell away and he cried. I felt a mental nudge on my shield and looked at the cat. She jumped down and walked into the bathroom. I followed her inside and she curled up on top of the sink on a fresh towel. He needed to cool down and I needed a shower. I closed the door behind me and ran my fingers over the cat’s stiff fur on her head and she purred. “Thanks Ophelia. Maybe you should go make sure he’s alright.”

She stood up and stretched her body like it was an imposition. She jumped up on the door handle and the door opened enough for her to get out. I closed it behind her and pressed my head against the cool door. What the fuck was I doing?

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