Mine (Alex)

I felt that pull. A slight tingling sensation all throughout my body. I tickled
deep within and I knew he was calling me. He’d been doing that more and more.
Except those two weeks. I didn’t want to think about them. I’d felt desperate.
And I am not a desperate man. I told myself it was nothing, and then he comes
back and tells me he missed me, thought I was avoiding him – for some reason.
Maybe I had been but I hadn’t felt him at all.

He had just seen me. Why was he calling again? I looked at the time and saw it
was sleeping soon. He was having car troubles, but this close in the evening he
wouldn’t remember. Unless…

Unless I kept him here. That could take some work, from both of us.

I crawled into my bed and rest my head on my pillow and thought about him. His
big brown eyes, the power that flowed from him. His open mind. Him.

He was there, some guy I’d seen on a commercial. His go to theme. Though there
were many faces I never recognized but he used them often. Still dressed in the
same clothes he had been earlier. I’ll have to pick out something a little more
upscale for him I thought to myself.

Woah. Slow down there. I chidded myself. I hadn’t even met him and I’m thinking
about making him my own personal Barbie doll. Though the idea was still

He was sitting waiting for me, the room was perfectly clean. “How long have you
been here?”

“Not long.” He said. I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my lips when he
grinned at me with that perfect smile. I wished it was mine and mine alone.

Fuck! I was, I don’t know what I was, but I was not myself when I was around

“I want to try something tonight.” His eyebrows went up and the dream carried me
from one moment to the next. He was beneath me, my hands anchored above his
shoulders on either of his head. “I love this view.” I said without really
thinking first.

He grinned at me and shifted his hands above his head making me widen my stance
above him. “I thought you liked this one better.”

Fuck he knew me so well sometimes and other times he forgot everything. Fuck!

“I want you to focus on me. No other thoughts. Nothing just me. I want to see if
I can keep you here all night. Don’t let that thing take you away.”

He grinned at me. “Really taking that I licked it, it’s mine to heart huh?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I leaned down and pressed my lips to his. It was
a soft gentle kiss, when I pulled away his eyes were bright and he was biting
his bottom lip. “I can do that. Specially if you kiss me like that again.”

“I plan on doing so much more than kissing you like that.” I watched as a
shudder visibly ran down his body. I concentrated on him. And he thought of
nothing else but me. I anchored him to me with a press of my lips to his. I let
my body fall on top of his and he wrapped his arms and legs around me like he
didn’t want me to leave ever. He was all aboard.

We danced the same dance we always did. He took a little control with begging
for more. I gave him what he wanted and we followed the dance we always had.

And then I felt it coming. I wrapped him up in my shields. I pulled him close
and I pushed inside of him. He was mine. I wasn’t letting him go.

I was sweating for more than just the exertion of fucking my pretty boy the way
he liked it. I was keeping the darkness from taking him. He was lost to me, lost
in the darkness but I kept him with me. I heard wailing and gnashing against my
back, but my shields held.

I kept him with me, fought the thing back and for once in all the time we’d been
having sex he came first. His eyes were wide, his back was arched and he looked
almost surprised and I followed him into my own climax. The smile that spread
across his lips as I released inside of him was beautiful. He was dazed and I
collapsed on top of him, but it wasn’t so easy now, he was basking in the glory
and I was still fighting that thing.

He rolled me over and laid his naked body on top of mine. He smiled down at me
and pressed a kiss to my lips. “I have to go.”

“What? NO!” I shouted.

He smiled down at me and captured my mouth with his and when he pulled away I
was breathless. “My alarm is going off.” He said with smirk, “Doesn’t do that
often.” He leaned down again and whispered in my ear, “That was awesome. Thank
you. But I think you need to let me do the work next time so you don’t hurt

He grinned at me as he sat back up. “I need to go, lover. I’ll see you in a few
days. Really see you.” The look on his face was bright and eager and then it was
gone and I was left lying naked and alone, and the thing was gone the moment he
winked out of the dream. Just like that it was gone too.

Fuck! was the only thing running through my mind when I woke up.




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