The Kissing Game

Janice and Jared conned me into going to some sex circle party down in Brooklyn. Or at least that’s what I made them think. I knew that it would kill two birds with one stone, so I’d put the thought in Janice’s head and she suggested it to Jared and it grew from there.

They didn’t traditionally go to orgie parties Janice said. She thought it was too low class, but this one was being hosted by some big name. I hadn’t even known that much I just knew I needed an excuse to go.

Janice and Jared were going to wear all leather until I told them it wasn’t that kind of part. Was more about the sex and the drugs but mostly about the sex. I chose their outfits for them. Brent was more than happy to pick out clothes. Janice was overjoyed by my pick, it was just a spring dress that was see through in all the right places while being completely appropriate for wear outside the bedroom.

Jared was dressed like me in a pair of jeans and tight t-shirt.

I drove. I missed driving my girl and this was a longer trip even if traffic on a Thursday night was gonna suck. Traffic here always sucked. But Serenity got to get a bit of action too.

We pulled up to the house in Brooklyn, the party was already booming and we were followed in by a line of other cars. I dropped Janice and Jared off at the door and drove myself around until I found a parking spot to keep my girl safe.

That was probably the hardest part of the whole ploy.

Janice and Jared were already chatting up a girl on the dance floor. She seemed into them, and I wondered if they’d be taking a cab home with their new pet. We’d see. I hadn’t found anyone that matched their criteria yet. They weren’t disappointed. They liked trying out all the wrong people.

I gave them a nod and walked past them. Grabbed a drink from the cooler and looked around. I was looking for a few specific people.

It really wasn’t hard to find them. The big dumb blonde made my skin crawl. I knew him. I hated him and I didn’t want to touch him, but I needed that little bit of contact. He was dancing with his wife, she was cute little thing. It really amazed me that Nox hadn’t tapped that girl or settled down with her instead of letting this ape fuck her. But whatever.

I slid up to them on the dance floor just dancing. Minding my own business. It didn’t take much to find myself up against her backside with my hand against her hip. Her man growled at me and I gave him a playful wink and reached across his wife and ran my fingers over his cheek. The light touch was tinged with thoughts of how fucking hot I was. They both fell into the grips of my manipulation and when I was sure they wouldn’t bolt from me, I fed them a lie. A lie they’d tell tomorrow. The lie wouldn’t feel a lie. They’d feel the nausea and if I was lucky the psychosomatic reactions would kick in and they’d actually get sick. But it was all in their heads.

It wasn’t long before their friends joined them. The brunette wrapped her arms protectively around the man with dark blue eyes. He was going to be harder to manipulate. His head was full of things I didn’t understand but touching him was going to be difficult. He had haphephobia, the fear of being touched. So touching him would make him freak out. Maybe I didn’t need to touch him. He wasn’t going anywhere tomorrow without his ball and chain. Or at least that’s what I hoped. But I could plant that suggestion in her head, to keep him home.

So I played the same game with them, she was a lot easier to manipulate. Though there was this strange vibe from her. I didn’t really feel her thoughts, but she was more than amenable to my suggestions. I tried it out before I implanted the lies and the impulse to keep her man at home with her.

I was satisfied with the work so I returned to Janice and Jared for the remainder of the night. They went home in a town car with their new pet. She was a bit too drunk, and probably going to freak out once they brought out the whips and chains, but they had to learn what made a good sub and what didn’t.

I got to drive home alone in Serenity. Just me and my baby. It was bliss. And too short. I was grateful Janice and Jared went home early meant I could be up at the butt crack of dawn so that I could watch the Feras before he left. It may be a day for parties tomorrow but he never deviated from his schedule and I had to put myself in his path as much as possible before that night.

I scoured through the footage Poet gave me for weeks pulling out all kinds of little notes on Nox Sétanta. Things like his schedule, what he ate where, but it wasn’t just his food and his schedule that was the same. He wore the same things. LIke they were rotated or something. This guy was a fucking nut job. He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Which meant he would go to Aspect tomorrow night, kiss his friends to get into the club after capacity. I had to be at the front of that line when he got there. Which you’d think would have been easy, but he was fucking late. He was never fucking late. I almost went looking for him. But I saw his long lean body walk up to the bouncer and I had to maneuver my way through the line to get where I needed to be. I wanted to be that guy he kissed to get in. I didn’t want to go into that fucking club, but Poet was paying me well. And all I had to do was get close enough to get information.

I had to talk a few guys into letting me past but it was no big deal with a little mental nudge here and there. Soon I was watching him bite his bottom lip. How fucking cute? And then he grabbed my shirt and pressed his lips to mine. I felt that spark and it sent a sudden jolt of fear through me. I didn’t like when weird shit happened. Specially when a fucking Venatori was involved.

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