Help Us, Obi Wan

I picked up the phone as I walked out the door. “Darling, what’s up?” I said in the voice that Janice expected.

“Can you meet us for dinner tonight? We have a proposition to make?”

I walked down the street and I didn’t really care who heard me as I said, “As long as it’s not to be your sub, I’ll come over.”

Janice laughed, “Oh Brent, you are so funny. Jared and I want to thank you and ask you something else.”

“Sure sweetheart, I can come over tonight.” I hung up the phone and headed to the big apartment. I snuck in the back door and avoided as many eyes as I could. The heavy metal shirt wasn’t really Brent’s thing.

I groaned when I stepped into the place. I thought I was done with this shit. But I pulled on a pair of black slacks and a white polo, I was sick of pastel. I wanted to stay in my jeans and t-shirt a while longer but I had agreed. Why I don’t know but a free fancy meal was always worth a little inconvenient dress wear.

I grabbed a bottle of water and called a town car to visit Janic and Jared at her home. I’d have preferred someplace else so I didn’t have to worry about getting roped into their sex games. I was done with that.

Or so I thought as I walked in the door they were dressed in leather and I sighed, “I thought we were having dinner.”

“We are, darling.” Janice said as she pressed a kiss to each of my cheeks and I returned the gesture. “We were just going to change, we ran a little late breaking a new sub.”

My eyes went to the direction of her dungeon room and she giggled, “She’s all cleaned up and on her way home just before you got here.” Janice smiled at me and wrapped her arm around my waist, “Always so caring.”

I shrugged with a smile. “If you are nice to your things they don’t break.” I said playfully.

Janice pouted even as Jared was pulling his leather pants from his long lean body. He caught me watching him and slowed down, putting on an ever present show because I liked his body. I gave him a smirk and turned my eyes back to Janice. I heard him growl and the swear words that ran through his head made me laugh. “Jared you are trying to hard.”

Janice turned to see him naked and standing with the leather peeled off. “Were you teasing Brent lover?”

“Apparently not.” He pouted and let Janice fondle his cock and balls before she pushed past him to go change.

It was always about the sex with them. They couldn’t get enough of it before, now that their dynamic had changed they really needed to find a few subs.

And that was exactly what they were looking for my help for. After we’d sat down to eat, Jared was three sheets to the wind off of the wine Janice kept pour in his glass. The food was alright, but I’d had better. Janice brought food in, never cooked for herself. But then who am I to say anything about it, I rarely cooked myself.

Janice giggled, “We want your help finding us a good sub. Someone to live with us, and always be our little toy. You were so good at finding what I wanted, now find what we both need.”

I sighed. “I was just fixing to head home.”

Jared leaned forward and I could smell the wine on his breath as he spoke, “We’ll pay you this time. Interview men and women, furries, whatever. We don’t agree on what we are looking for. So we’ll give you a list of things we want and you can find us a best match.”

I took a deep breath. “How much are you talking?” I already knew my answer was yes. Janice was Kate all over again – well not all over again. I knew I didn’t have feelings for her, but Kate. Kate made that big of an impact on my life. And her daughter sold everything just to help those kids who’d been embezzled from. It was funny that these two things collided, and now. I guess I was telling Poet yes since I was going to be in town anyway. But a fucking Venatori. Up side he was kinda hot. I had to trowel through the surveillance to be sure but I had a feeling I was going to hate Poet by the end of tonight.

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