Coming Together

Janice and Jared gave their list and their price actually hit my normal range of fees. It made me wonder if they thought I was a grifter or something else. Surely not a rich kid looking for himself, I definitely didn’t find myself here. I had been looking for excuses to leave but Janice always pulls me back in. It was her eyes, they reminded me so much of her mothers. What drew me to her was also the very thing that made me want to run.

Poet’s offer was accepted and he requested updates on a bi-weekly level until I got in with the kid in the photo. He wasn’t a kid, turning 25 in a few weeks. He had friends in high places – the fucking prince of the vampires. Their golden boy. Vampires were almost as bad as Venatori. I was fucking thankful I had never fallen into one of their traps. I’d conned a man who had been addicted to their blood and their bite. The first time we’d had sex he was so high on vamp blood that he couldn’t get it up. They had fucked his mind so hard, that normal men couldn’t do him any good. The only way he got it up was with their bite.

But it wasn’t just the prince of the vamps that he knew. There were pictures of him with nearly every Alpha in the City. The werewolves had two in town, and there was no real pack leader of the CCB, but he was seen with the heads of V&M which was a CCB front. One of the many holdings that paid for their operation. Much like the Apex Unlimited Corporation was a front for the Venatori. Fuck the building itself housed their Headquarters. And now I was making a fucking habit of sitting at the local cafe watching the pretty boy Venatori leave on his daily run every fucking day!

I’d seen him many times before, never really paid much attention to him other than the fact that he was fucking hot. He was always leaving the building, wearing running clothes, even the scar that ran the course of his left leg didn’t detract from the muscles that moved underneath. He never noticed me. This was Janice’s favorite coffee joint, so I spent much of my mornings here buying her coffee and meeting up with her outside her office building. Now I sat and watched him come and go.

I followed him once to see where he went. He never deviated from the path he took around the City. It wasn’t a surprise when I saw him stop stare at a chess board with an old man sitting in front of it, make a move, grin and keep on running. That was were I stopped following him. I sat down in front of the old man with my own shit eating grin. “So this is who you’ve been playing chess with all these years. Why didn’t you just make friends with him?”

Poet’s voice was not his own and I wondered what he truly looked like. “I don’t want to get too close to him. He’s Venatori. No telling what he’ll do if he finds out what I am.”

I stood up with a growl, “So send me into the lion den. I got it. Thanks.”

Poet grabbed my hand faster than that old man should move. “It’s not like you can’t read him. I can feel the power wafting from him, his shields are never up.”

Poet was right. He radiated power. And he’d also been right about me reading him, which is how I knew he never noticed me. So before I made my presence known over the next few days, I made one more contact.

BS: Got a job for you.

It had taken two hours before the Wicked Truth got back to me.

tWT: Another kink?

BS: No a little more tricky. I have a job, I need information that other hackers are unable to get. I need you to get me inside the Apex Unlimited building’s upper floors infrastructure.

tWT: That will cost you quadruple my normal rate. I have to use a friend – a good friend to get that done. And if he finds out I’m fucked!

BS: I’ll make it 5x your normal rate, if you get it done tomorrow.

tWT: I’ll see what I can do.

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