The Limo Ride Home (Alex)

I ended up paying too much for a trinket. It was a jeweled egg, there were plenty of other jeweled eggs, apparently Kate had collected them, but this one reminded me of Kate. Janice told me this one was the last one she had purchased before she passed, and that it had represented her love of life.

Janice leaned in and whispered, “My mother was having an affair with a younger man when she bought this. You can see the blues, Mother said they reminded her of his eyes. I never met the man, she kept him secreted away god knows where. But she was happy. Not that I was around to see any of it. Lyle was envenomed at her for leaving half the estate to the Foundation. I’m selling the rest off for the foundation to stuff it it in his face.”

Janice was so proud of herself for standing up to her ex. And she was auctioning off Kate’s remaining estate to benefit the foundation Kate started. My entire plan was shot. But now more than ever I wanted to help to do something. So when Janice offered me a ride home I gladly took it. I was pretending to drink too much, but I hadn’t really had a sip, I only made her think that. She on the other hand had the entire bottle of champagne except for the one glass I had, and several cocktails at the auction.

The window to the drivers door was down and Janice was lounging against me. She looked up and I saw her mother. But this was a different woman. I kissed her and it felt wrong. Janice was her daughter. I looked away and out the window. Janice sat up and put her hand on my leg. “What’s wrong darling, I thought we were having fun.”

I took a deep breathe. And turned to look at her. I smiled and I knew I didn’t feel it. “I… I have a confession to make.” I felt sheepish, and small, all part of the act. I had a new angle, and it hadn’t taken long to come up with it. “I’m gay.” I sighed in relief. Like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. “You’re the first person I’ve told.”

Her hand went to her mouth and she giggled. “I have a confession to make too.” She looked over at the drivers window and grinned at the man up front. He knew whatever it was she was going to confess. “I have a kink.”

“Don’t we all.” I said. It was heavy on her mind exactly what that kink was and how much her ex-husband judged her for it, but I let her tell me herself. Most of the time what they thought and what they said didn’t match. I couldn’t wait to hear it.

“My husband didn’t understand it. That’s why he’s my ex. She reached under one of the seats and pulled out a box. It was ominous whatever this secret was. She opened the lid and inside was a set of leather clothes. Though I wasn’t sure how much of it would be thought of as clothing, there was a collar, though it looked too manly for something a woman like Janice would wear. But the rest, the panties, the bra that was just a strip across each nipple binding her body tightly. She probably looked amazing in it, but the whips and handcuffs and the other implements of her kink were not my thing.

I could only do so much before I’d have to bail. I asked, “Are you the top or the bottom?”

I hadn’t judged her. Her smile brightened. “A top. I haven’t found the right man yet.”

“You are looking for ano… what do they call them? subs?” I smiled hoping she hadn’t noticed the slip, “I might be able to help you?”

She shook her head, “No I have a sub, don’t I Jimmy?” She said looking to the driver.

“Yes ma’am. I’m sure Jared would love for you to find someone else to play with him too.”

“Jared?” I asked.

“My sub. He’s my pool boy. He lives in the building, tends to the gym areas, but we all call him the pool boy. He’s very well behaved, but he likes men too. He’s happy to have me as his Mistress, but I sense he’s not happy.”

“So you’re looking for another top to top him with, or top you?” I asked. Genuinely questioning the intent here. I’d heard of threesomes, and a chain of tops and bottoms, but I’d never actually seen the chain happen before.

Janice giggled and picked up the cat of nine tails and smacked it against her own leg. “I don’t think I’d like to be a bottom at all. A little spanking from a lover is alright, but I think I’ll stay on top.”

I grinned, “I might be able to help you. Give me a day or two and I’ll arrange something.”

Janice smiled at me, “How are you going to help me?”

I smiled. “Along with money, I have some connections.”

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