Three Months later

Lunch with Jared turned into a weekly thing. Once I outlined the plan, he was all on board. Not only did it play to my gay persona but Jared got to play psuedo-dom with me in all hopes that Janice would walk in on us. But it wasn’t working as well as planned and we fought more often than fucked and Janice didn’t need to walk in on that.

So the plan deviated a little. Jared and I started frequenting Ooh without Janice. He found a girl. And I had no other term for her other than a girl. She claimed to be 25 and her license and her Ooh registration all agreed. Even her birth certificate when I she brought it to me after I’d questioned her integrity. “Master Brent, I brought this for you.” She handed me in the official envelope from the State Health Department and everything. She was 25 but she was still a girl in my eyes.

Her name was Tanya. She was short, barely braking 5 foot. Her blue eyes were bright and innocent though she had a flavor for kinks I didn’t. But Jared loved her.

Tanya came home with him one evening. Well not home. We went to Janice’s place, her dungeon was better and Jared was supposed to be with his Mistress in an hour. Which meant he got an hour of playtime in with Tanya before she came bounding in in her leather clad body.

Tanya’s face was at eye level with Janice’s when she walked in. The sling holding the tiny woman in place was at eye level and Jared had been eating her out as a reward for good behavior. I was too busy playing with Jared to much notice Janice walk in. This tanned body was rock hard from working so hard and his cock was strung so tight. Tanya had finished sucking it minutes ago but he was ready to go.

We’d planned it verbally but when Jared’s hand reached behind him and grabbed my hair I yelped in surprise and fell to my knees in front of him. He clutched my hair and pressed my face into his groin and I had only one choice to take his cock in my mouth or suffocate.

Janice stood there watching as Jared gazed at her over Tanya’s body. Her thoughts were anger, confusion, lust followed by action. She grabbed the cord and flipped Tanya around. Her thoughts raced as she tentatively tasted the woman. Jared stood up leaving me on the floor and he went behind Janice. I turned around and sat down and watched smugly as Jared went behind the woman he had been pining for for so long and kicked her feet open as she ate the girl out.

Janice screamed as Jared penatrated her. It was pleasure she wanted. Him taking what he wanted turned her on. Tanya was soon forgotten as Jared fucked his former Mistress. He called her Princess, and lovely and he fucked her hard and unrelenting until she came and he didn’t stop with that. He pounded into her.

The girl still hung from the sling and I lowered her down to the ground and started after care. She was such a small thing,and she’d been hanging for well over an hour. And if I hadn’t been there she probably would have hung until they remembered her but by then blood would have been lost to her extremities and damage could have set in.

I tended her wrists and legs and every place the straps touched, I covered her in a blanket and pulled her into my lap. I was so fucking hard when she moved my cock jumped pressing against her. “Fuck me please.” She whispered.


She begged me. And I relented. I wasn’t gay after all and women were a fucking turn on specially when she was begging me. But I stayed as true to character as I could and pressed into her ass and she begged for more. I came, and she begged for more. “I’m spent hunny.” I said. I could go again in a few minutes but I was still playing the part. Jared and Janice had disappeared. “Let me get you home.” I said.

She pouted but she got up and headed for the showers. As did I.

Before Tanya and I left Janice found me as I passed by the kitchen. She was in her robe and looking stunning and happy. “Brent, darling. Thank you. Why didn’t you just tell me Jared was my equal you obviously saw it. I …”

I grinned at her. “Sweetheart, if I told you, you’d have fought it. You had to see it. Now you just need to find a sub you both agree on.”

She looked at me with a wicked smile. “I am not your man.”

She pouted. “But you can fuck a woman. I just saw it.”

I nodded, “I needed a release I took it where I could get it. And I’m not a submissive, if you haven’t picked up on that yet.”

“We could have so much fun Brent.”

“We still can. You have a sub to find. I’ll be in town for another week packing up things and then I’m heading out.” I didn’t want to stay here any longer than necessary, but there were things to clean up before heading out. Paper trails to clean and a new place to go to find. New York City could have been a good place, but now… I wasn’t sure this overrode all the bad ones – or rather than worse one.

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