Mine (Nightmare)

Power. Food. Feed. Sleep. Can’t wait! Been too long!

Stupid vampires!

It paced in the planes waiting. Back and forth. Want. Need.

In the distance children screamed and a it shuddered. The bliss, the food. It
was almost tempted to go find it. But he was waiting. Master wanted him. Wanted
his food. So strong. And he was gone for too long. Master was angry.

Vampires around. It told master. Vampires. Hates vampires. Power, hurts. Can’t
go near him. Want to. Need to but can’t. Want to cry.

Tonight he is there, waiting for time. But new barrier. Seen before. No you
can’t stop it.

Scratch. Claw. Break the bubble. Break. Chip, fight. Bite, Claw. Nothing.

It howls in frustration. Mine! Mine! Need! Let me in!

Try a different angle. Want! Need! Must have!

And then, gone… where’d go? Gone? No! Master be mad.

Run and hide. Run away. Master no find.

Next night. Go early. It decided. Yes Go Early. Fix the problem. No Blue eyes…
Yes, blue eyes. New Pain… no man… no play no more!

Sleep came, it was early. Watching. Waiting. Stupid Cat! Sleep on chest. Shoo.

Pretty kitty run away Growled and roared. It run away!

Mine. Call man… Call him, please.

It can see the connection wiggle. It grabs it. Snatches it.

The feeling is electric. Reroute. Call me. It says. Call me! no him.

Other side floats in the aether. No connection no feeling. It smiles, drips on
to hands. Happy. No call him. Mine! Always mine! So hungry!

Nightmare. Whimpering boy. Power, so powerful. Mmmm. Hungry. Blue eyes, no red.
Mine! All Mine.

4 thoughts on “Mine (Nightmare)

  1. I liked this perspective and how it explained so many things. Now, I feel bad for both Nox and Alex. :(

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    1. It explains a great deal. We are glad you liked it.

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      1. And for the record, I’m enjoying seeing this story from Alex’s point of view. :)

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      2. That is good there is allot of things that happen.

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