Olivers Orgie House (Alex)

The Wicked Truth had been fast. Within an hour I had a meeting with Jaxen Oliver of Oliver’s Orgie House, or more politely know as Ooh. I googled them, and found their website. It was a classy black web page with purple lettering that looked like Neon glow. There was a contact form, and a ‘secure’ registration page. No other information.

I clicked the registration page just to see what would happen and it took me to a single text box with a purple glowing button. The box read: ‘Referral’

I bet it wasn’t even a name, I bet it was a bunch of random characters that only had one use. I’d seen gambling sites and even porography sites like that. You pay for a code and it sends you a code.

I dressed in a little differently when I want to meet with Jaxen. I opted for a green pastel polo with a pair of black slacks and a pair of comfortable boots. I grabbed a hooded sweatshirt to make it look like I was slightly embarrassed to be about that type of place.

The place wasn’t too far from either of my homes – well with in walking distance, but I grabbed a taxi instead. I was playing the lost rich boy I might as well spend the money, though this job wasn’t going to have the payout I had been expecting. I was going to have to make this trip worthwhile with a few new investments from someone in Janice’s crowd or maybe even at Ooh.

The address I was given however was not Ooh. It was a discrete coffee shop across the street from the glowing purple neon sign that blinked in the daylight. A blond man with blue eyes stood when I walked in and offered me a seat at his table. “Mr. Smith. A pleasure to meet you. A mutual friend said you needed a favor?”

A mutual friend. I wouldn’t call the Wicked Truth a friend but I nodded anyway. “You could say that.”

Mr. Oliver’s order arrived as did a coffee with cream and two sugars. I looked across at him and shook my head. “Our mutual friend.”

He nodded. “He is thorough.”

“He is.” I nodded then took a sip of my hot coffee. It was amazing. I set the cup down with a smile. “And he knows how to pick the place.”

“He didn’t pick it.”

“You did?”

Mr. Oliver shook his head. “Ah, no. Our mutual friend used a mutual friend to get in touch, this is his preferred coffee joint.”

I didn’t like other people knowing my business. “How many people know about our meeting?”

“Just me and our mutual friend. It’s an exchange of favors. I owe his friend a favor. And his friend owes him a favor. Access to the club I can manage without our third party interference, but our friend doesn’t know me personally, he couldn’t exactly set up a meeting I’d actually attend even if it was on my agenda.” He spoke in a roundabout way but the connection to both of them was clear. The images in his head while he thought about their mutual acquaintance almost made me blush.

“So he knew nothing?”

“Only that a meeting face to face needed to go down.” He smiled, “And the fact that a hacker had set up the meeting meant discrete. This was discrete. I wouldn’t have had a problem with you coming into Ooh for this face to face. No one is there right now but me and the staff anyway. What is it you are looking for Mr. Smith.”

I informed Jaxen Oliver of Janice’s desires and his face lit up with a bright smile. “We can manage a few training sessions for the three of you, and introduce her to a few of our free agents see how they hit it off. If she’s looking for romance, then I’m not sure we have any that fit her needs. Most of our men are single bachelors for life type men. They want to live the lifestyle never really tying themselves down to anyone submissive. But I could be wrong and she’ll fall totally in love with one of them and he her.

Jaxen opened up his phone and flicked around and then looked up at me with a smile. “I have an introductory opening tomorrow at noon. After the session and medical clearance we can do at the same time, she’ll be free to attend the mixer we have that night. It won’t just be D/s players, maybe she’ll find a new kink.” Jaxen smiled brightly.

“I’ll talk it over with her, can I get back to you.”

“No need Mr. Smith. If she says yes, come on in. If not, well I will have missed your blue eyes in the audience.” He was flirting with me as he stood up. His fingers brushed across my knuckles and then his hand drifted to my shoulder. “I have another meeting to get to and if I’m late…” He didn’t go on but there was a wink and he walked out of the coffee shop like he owned the place. The images I got back from his thoughts were highly sexual and it surprised me to know without a shadow of a doubt that the man who’d just left was a fucking submissive and his plans were with his Dom who he loved. There were a lot of whispered thoughts as he left. ‘He’s hot, the other guy isn’t bad either. He’s still sitting there.’ And that was when I got up and headed for the door dropping some additional cash on the table despite the fact Jaxen had left money before I even sat down.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.