Fuck Him (Alex)

I went home and took a shower. I needed the stench of bar off my skin. And
pretty boy’s friend too. The whole thing was wrong – felt wrong. What kinda
friend was this prick?

When I crawled into bed I was more than eager to talk to my pretty boy. I curled
up with my pillow and drifted into slumber. I was exhausted despite having done
nothing much today – emotional day.

I couldn’t find him. That had never happened before. Maybe he wasn’t sleeping.

I sighed and went to my own private beach and I waited. Maybe he’d call. Maybe I
could pull him here with me. Serenity…

Morning came but no pretty boy. What the fuck?

I’d cleared my schedule of all things but pretty boy. He was my only objective
until after his birthday. Then we’d figure something out.

I watched another movie in my apartment. But the romance in it was turning my
stomach so I went for a run. I couldn’t get the pricks words out of my head. “He
doesn’t want to see you.”

That was hardly what he said the last time I saw him.

Had I given him what he wanted – great sex. Maybe all he wanted was the thing
gone. I’d been successful.

Jesus fucking Christ he used me.

Running was only making matters worse. Sitting around doing nothing wasn’t any
better. Maybe Poet had a job. But I didn’t call him either. I went back to my
place and to my bed. I tried again.

I tried again for almost a week. Maybe he was just too busy. Though that didn’t
settle well either. The least he could do was tell me something came up. Fuck

On his birthday I was certain he’d contact me. But that day, and the whole night
lounging in bed returned nothing. Fuck him! I wasn’t going to waste anymore time
on him.

I called Poet. I never called Poet. I wanted far away from here – as far as

Poet answered, “Alex, you don’t usually call me.”

“Got a job?”

“As a matter of fact I do…” Poet said and he started relaying the contract and
objectives. He wanted info on a high roller he’d knew would be in Vegas this

“Perfect I said.” Sin City was the prefect place to lose myself and leave my
fucking pretty boy far behind me.



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